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Ordered them from focalprice two days ago... will be waiting for my package... So have we confirmed yet that the pl-30's from focalprice are real, not fake?
Hmmm... and these are supposedly being sold by I thought there was only one version of the ER-6i ... and only one version of the ER-6.
ER-6 or ER-6i
Could be a cable problem. I've had this happen to my iM716's.
Quote: Originally Posted by ClieOS If you can wait for two weeks or so, I might be able to give you an answer. My PL-30 is currently on its way to me. Waiting patiently I've ordered them from focal price as well. I will be waiting for your impressions
And make sure you heat the heatshrink ABOVE the flame, not in the flame, otherwise you will get some residue on it.
Quote: Originally Posted by synaesthetic I'd say Etymotic ER-4P over SE310 for classical. Actually, I'd recommend the ER-4S over the ER-4P over the SE310 for classical
lol sorry for coming off as if I didn't read your post. I mean, that's why I asked my question anyway. But I see... if you want the E4 sound, you're going to have to get it NOS/used. Shure doesn't make them anymore, right?
Aren't the SE310's the E4c equivalent? I've heard that the SE420's are different from the E4c's.
Hmmm... well, the machines surely would be hazardous to one's HEARING if proper hearing protection is not practiced. But isolation vs. isolation+music?? I do not know...
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