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Ah, you are right. Today, I installed Foobar2000+asio4all on my laptop. Only the gui and the ui in general slightly changed. With my ER-4S, my laptop sounds great now! With Foobar2000's volume control at max, and window's volume control at minimum, the volume is still too loud (with my ER-4S). Too bad window's volume control sucks.
So! Since this guide is "outdated," that is, dated for use for past versions of the softwares, where can I find a guide for the current versions? I type, "asio4all foobar2000" without quotations, into google. However, I'm not sure which guide(s) I should trust...
Is it still on sale at radioshack? I can't seem to find "koss ksc-75" on their website.
If you want portable headphones that are able to eat anything you throw at them, there is the ER-4S.
Quote: Originally Posted by nsx_23 impressions? Well, to be honest, I was not impressed... But then again, neither was I when I first got my KSC-75's, when I first got my iM716's, and when I first got my ER-4's. On the first listen for all of my headphones, I was disappointed... For some reason. However, I've come to love the sound of the KSC-75's and the ER-4S (Sold the iM716's in order to upgrade to the ER-4's) This might happen with...
Yes!!! They just came in the mail today (I ordered them on Sept. 29th)!
Still using my ER-4S, still swear by them.
maybe you can get someone in the U.S. to middle-man it for you (except the middleman doesn't collect any profit)
ER-4S ftw!!! lol
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