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So Foobar2000 is the best choice for audio playback. Unfortunately (yet obviously), it doesn't play videos. I've been trying to look for the best software for video playback for quite a while now. I've already tried VLC player, and can confirm that it is, in fact, NOT the best video player. It just SUCKS for subtitles, and is buggy as hell in general. So would you guys know what the Foobar2000 of video playback software is? (a.k.a. what's the best video playback...
If you're coming from the ER-6i's, I would recommend shooting straight for the ER-4S's. You can find them for ~$170 on Amazon. Spend an extra 20 bucks; I think this is just what you're looking for.
Seriously? Really? That's it? Only two pages? There's got to be more college head-fi'ers on here who are willing to contribute I've got class in a few minutes, but I'll try to post something later.
Etymotic ER-4S for approximately $170 on I dunno about amps, though... I'm looking for one myself.
ER-4S and lovin' it.
Quote: Originally Posted by a19als If 250$ for 2/pc. reasonable! huh?
I want to avoid the iPod Classic because (from Quote: From these measurements it is obvious that the new audio circuit of the iPod Classic is badly engineered compared to the iPod Video: - Treble has a slight uplift. - The group delay is not linear over the frequency range. - There is significant intermodulation distortion with a 22.1kHz component. Superiority of the wolfson dac. iMod'ability.
A copy and paste of the title: Is $250 for a new iPod Video 5.5th Gen. a good deal? Still worth it?
Quote: Originally Posted by monolith Some of those are silly. I'd say people with large lossless libraries are most likely to be young people with access to torrent sites, not old men with CD collecions. Ah! Hahaha. It's true! Now imagine if they included VINYL in the mix! Also, we shouldn't be offended by this article, now should we? It's just for fun! It's supposed to be exaggerated. That said, I wouldn't mind changing some of the lines...
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