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ditto; I think the ER-4P would be your best bet. I'd recommend going straight for the ER-4S if you can, though. I never use my ER-4P's without the P>S adapter, so I kind of wish I'd have gotten the ER-4S in the first place. YMMV, though.
Hello, I'm in GuangZhou. Any good audio shops around here? Internet access is very limited, so I may not respond immediately. Thanks!
Interesting. I'm going to subscribe to this thread to see what happens.
Yuin PK2 Or if you're comfortable with clip-on headphones, go with the KSC-75's.
Sorry for the late reply, guys. I'm busy packing right now to leave for Australia; I'll try to get back to you guys when I can. I'm not exactly sure where I'm staying yet, so I'll let you guys know once I get there. I'm going to Sydney Really? I thought I heard that there was a drought going on over there. Restaurants? Oh right, the area... I'll let you guys know once I get there.
In a couple of days, I am going with my school band to Australia for 11 days. It's going to be a loooong plane ride, so it's a good thing that I've recently finally received the last puzzle piece to my portable rig. iPod 4g -> Cross Roads iPod line-out dock -> ratshack cable -> cmoy -> ER-4S. It sounds surprisingly good!! The cmoy is bound to the back of my iPod with an asparagus rubber band, so I doubt the airport security would think much of it. But anyway... Is...
Around how much would it cost to build a Beta 22? For future reference...
Quote: Originally Posted by TzeYang Go-vibe 5 is basically a three channel cmoy with TLE2426. I suggest you build another cmoy with three channel configuration. It really isnt that hard. Hmmm... shouldn't I just build a Pimeta then? Sorry for the dumb question, but the Pimeta is a step up, right? Also, at my level, would the PPAS be too difficult? Otherwise, what project should I start on that involves SMD?
I've already built a cmoy, and I'm enjoying it. What's the next step? Portable DIY Pimeta, or Go-Vibe 5?
Well, your computer seems to be working fine (otherwise you wouldn't be able to post on here), so it shouldn't be some supernatural phenomenon that involves failure of all electronic components within an x feet radius around you.
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