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Quote: Originally Posted by MisterX If this is your first build I would suggest the Pimeta. (socketed op-amps and plenty of board space make it a very easy amp to debug) Problem is the BUF634's have become very hard to find. Nah, I've already built a cmoy before. So are you saying that the mini^3 is better (SQ-wise)?
Which is better based on sound quality? A mini^3 or a portable/semi-portable pimeta?
another vote for the ER-6i
I see, I see... I understand. I use the ER-4S (bass {mono})->mono-to-stereo->cmoy->ER-4S) when I practice the bass at home. Really tight sound. But the OP doesn't want IEM's... I don't know what to suggest... KSC-75? (Even though they're <$20)
He plays the bass. So... maybe the akg K81 DJ's? EDIT: Whoops, I guess you already mentioned the akg's... I think I've heard that they have more bass, but I've never auditioned them before.
Quote: Originally Posted by mirumu Uh, what? Have I missed something? That's exactly what I was thinking! Did we miss something?
So... what is the conclusion? I'm in the same situation as the OP.
This problem's kind of a deal-breaker for me... I'm waiting for apple to do a firmware update to fix the phase and treble problems. I hope they will.
Hahaha... Well, I guess you should get the ER-4P for now. I can't speak for the iM616, but I can for the iM716. The ER-4P, compared to the iM716 (in hd mode), has a darker sound, has higher, crisper highs, has lower lows, has more bass in quality and quantity, and is generally better overall. I find the ER-4S (or ER-4P + P>S adapter) works fine without an amp (although I almost always prefer to use an amp). I don't listen to music at very high levels. YMMV.
I find that the pouch that came with the ER-4's is perfect! Here's how I do it: Sorry for the poor lighting, but I think it's easy enough to recognize what's going on in the video.
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