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Yep, that's right. I got a new pair a KSC-75's to replace my old pair. I performed the quarter mod and the kramer-mod on the old pair about two years ago... or whatever it says in my sig. Since then, the drivers have been wide open and exposed to anything in the atmosphere - dust, hair, earflakes, oil, football field turf (marching band), etc. After about two years of continuous use not only at home, but even in Mexico on a mission trip with the church, I felt that the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Edwood Sheesh. Etymotic needs to hire a real Industrial Designer. They pretty much make it in the top ten Fugliest Headphone designs. I missed them at CES. I was wondering how long until they used their excellent ETY-COM mic with a Bluetooth headset. People have been modding other Bluetooth headsets with the ETY-COM mic for a couple of years now. (I've done it myself as well). Google "AX2 Pro mod". -Ed Lol,...
I was wondering about that too. This info came from iLounge, though... they're pretty credible, right?
Yea... Don't pull or tug the tri-flanges. Push them.
Wow, I'm surprised no one has commented yet!
iLounge: Etymotic debuts Bluetooth, iPhone headsets Quote: Etymotic Research has introduced a pair of new headsets: the hf2 headset for the iPhone, and the etyBLU Dual Mode Bluetooth Headset. The hf2 (which stands for “high fidelity hands free") combines the sound quality of the company’s ER-4P earphones with an in-line microphone and iPhone call/music control button. “The hf2 headset lets users talk and listen – to conversations as well as music – with...
At least the psp's sq is not as bad as the DS/DS Lite's... But then again the ds is not even a dap.
I found salad fingers to be eerie and curious, but... Watch david firth's "milkman" I was shocked, so I couldn't press the "pause" button or stop it. I watched the whole thing. Salad fingers may be nice, but... I think "milkman" has crossed the line for me.
I was watching a video about most all of the popular and famous online video such as the numa numa video (dragostea din tei) and the recent "all hail technoviking" video. Then I had an idea... why don't I google the stuff on that video that I haven't heard of? So "salad fingers" came to my attention, so I googled it. I have watched a few episodes of salad fingers, and some other animations by David Firth... But does anybody else find that his videos are EXTREMELY...
Hello everyone, I think that making my own front and rear panels for the mini^3 will be far too difficult. Getting it pre-made from AMB's website will cost me $40. Is there a cheaper alternative?
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