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It's on Etymotic's website now. The design doesn't look THAT bad... Etymotic Research, Inc. - EtyBLUâ„¢ Bluetooth Headset
I know a friend who is offering his old 60GB iPod video (5th gen or 5.5 gen, not sure) to me for $100. No shipping, since he goes to my school. Is this a good deal? Thanks in advance!
It is different than wav in the sense that it takes up less space Also, OiNK - Never Forget... Can't believe it got shut down...
Here I am, one of the 123908751097234 other users that will flood in and recommend you the KSC-75's.
Whoa! Under those conditions... There is no such thing. Otherwise if there is, then they must sound like crap. I don't think that there is any wireless circumaural under $30 that is even worth considering.
Quote: Originally Posted by manaox2 Lol.
Quote: Originally Posted by intoflatlines SF5 Pro are probably the best IEMs under $200. I use them for portable situations and they sound great. I'd have to disagree I'd say the ER-4S's are the best IEM's under the $200 price point, hands down. Classical, Jazz, Rock... They can handle anything you throw at them. I have the ER-4P+ER4P-24 (P>S cable) set up (basically the ER-4S's) and I simply love them. If you want the most accurate...
I got mine from newertech. Newer Technology, Inc.® iPod® Batteries
What?! Have I missed something? Is lead solder being outlawed?! Sorry, haven't been in the diy section for a while.
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