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iPod shuffle --> k701 anybody?
I think the iPods that had the best sound quality (from the line out) were the 4g and 5/5.5g iPods.
If you want to save money, get the cd's used and rip with EAC at the best settings. Or ask your friends if they have any cd's that you may be interested in, and ask them if you may borrow them (and then rip with EAC).
Alright! I went to school today with a crisp $100 bill in my wallet (which was probably a bit risky), and made the transaction during lunch. I'd have to say I'm quite satisfied .
Ah! glad to know. I just got a 60GB 5g for $100, hehe.
Are there any sound quality differences between the 5th generation and 5.5th generation iPods?
Wait, so GreatDane, how much did that thing cost again?
Lol, how did this thread get so long?
Thanks for the input, guys. I'll definitely take a look at it and ask him a couple of questions about its condition, and buy it as soon as possible, lol.
I wish I had just gotten the ER-4S in the first place, instead of getting the ER-4P + ER4P-24 (PtoS cable from Ety), because I find the ER-4S to work fine in even the weakest sources. I listen at a much lower volume, though, so YMMV.
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