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Interested to hear impressions on the EPIC JC's...
The ER-4S are the best IEM's under $200, IMO.
If you're new to the audiophile world, I'd suggest that you try some low-budget options first, to see if you really, really are a basshead. A lot of the users here started out thinking that bass was king, including me. But now I listen to my ER-4S's everyday. And the ER-4S's are NOT bass-heavy at all. You might come to enjoy a more balanced sound. Or not. So maybe start out with a pair of Koss KSC-75's.
Quote: Originally Posted by apnk I think jinx20001 just got kicked in the nuts, really hard. Hahaha. I've always found the content in his posts to be questionable. I'm afraid that I'd have to say that jinx20001's credibility just went down the toilet.
The people I know at school are pretty open; I'm surprised... They're not stubborn about bose being the best or anything. If they ask me about bose, I will explain to them bose's marketing tactics, and talked about other audiophile-related things... And they always take me seriously, probably because I had my cmoy (in an altoids tin) out at the time. And THEN they ask me about recommendations about which headphone they should get! Hehe, feels good.
So there's no secure ripping for DVD's? Sorry for being insistent.
Quote: Originally Posted by montana girl I use DVD flick for movies, it's free and easy to use. I don't use it for music though, I use eac for that. When I say music, I mean music dvd's... I don't think EAC can rip from music dvd's... (I don't mean video on dvd's, I mean just straight audio from dvd's) Quote: Originally Posted by WallyWest I'm not sure the secure mode ripping with error correction that EAC does would be...
The best ripper for CD's is EAC. What's the best ripper for DVDs? I'm talking about music AND movies. IS there such a thing as the EAC of DVD rippers? Thanks in advance.
Quote: Originally Posted by Amblin 20,000mAH of raw unadulterated power! Too manly for you? Slip on your trainer bra and settle for 10,000 mAH. LOL, slip on your trainer bra...
So when you're out and about, listening to your portable rig, where do you put your dap+amp combo (or other)? I find that the iPod+cmoy combo is too think for my pants pockets, so I find that I'll either hold it in my hand or put it into one of my jacket/coat pockets.
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