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I've begun to live a healthier lifestyle through running by joining the track team at school. I need a player that weighs almost next to nothing, and that can attach to my arm or waist. I wear shorts without pockets while I run. Right now I think my best candidate would be the 2nd generation iPod shuffle (btw, there is no 3rd generation; there are only new colors). So should I go ahead and get it? Or are there any better alternatives for me?
I'm wondering if the iPod shuffle in this ebay page is real or fake: Apple iPod™ Silver Shuffle - eBay (item 260212077674 end time Feb-15-08 10:34:42 PST) I've searched the forums for "ipod shuffle fake", but the search results I got didn't even include the word "fake" Thanks in advance!
So she must be a speaker person, huh? (as opposed to headphones)
I cannot find anything. I've even searched at headwize. "^" is an illegal character?? Also, I don't see it practical to scour 7 pages of build thread part 2, only to find out that the info is probably in part 1, which has reached its post limit. May someone please provide links/information?
I guess I never thought of searching at headwize... I tried searching head-fi, but I kept getting results of things that were unrelated. I guess maybe it was because I couldn't think of the right search terms.
Hello everyone, I've been considering to build a mini^3. I'm wondering which parts I should get based on this parts list: The Mini³ Portable Stereo Headphone Amplifier I'm building the "high performance" version instead of the "extended runtime" version. Which parts should I get; which configuration would give me the best sound quality? Meaning, which resistors, capacitors, etc., etc. Thanks in advance!
I put it on "no speakers" so as to make sure that there are no enhancements added... I still get sound; and, compared to "headphones" mode, "no speakers" mode has more soundstage to it.
ER-4S OR ER-4P + ER4P-24 (PtoS cable), which = ER-4S
Man, I really need to get a new interconnect.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheMarchingMule For me, I have this unbeatable synergy with my KSC75 and my 5.5G iMod right out of the headphone jack. For a second I thought you said 4G iMod. My head nearly exploded.
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