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Quote: Originally Posted by ingwe Just who are these "people" and why do you give "them" so much power over you. Just about every living human under the age of 20. I'm sure some adults think it's "weird" too... But at least they're mature enough not to say anything about it. Or treat a person differently because of it. My dog doesn't give a whoop about it though. Heh, it's no wonder dogs are "Man's best friend". Quote: Originally...
I've always been a short-haired guy. When I found head-fi, got into audio, and eventually found out about hearing-protection, I began to wear Etymotic ER-20 earplugs whenever I found necessary - that is, during marching band, jazz band, and symphonic band at school. Or even when there was really loud music (coming from speakers) playing. My hearing got more acute, and I could hear more of the nuances in everyday sound than I used to. However, there was just one thing....
Wow, sounds promising. These could be the next marshmallows or aircushions. The next FOTM. Just need to get more head-fiers to buy them.
How's the isolation?
So... I'm guessing that I can't get this and only use it like an iPod Touch (because it's $100 cheaper), but rather I have to get a data plan with at&t and have to use it as a phone?
Some kid at my high school wears blue marshmallows all the time. Somehow, with it paired with his glasses, he makes them look... unstylish. Bad. Weird. I mean do I look like that when I wear them? I may have to think twice before wearing marshmallows outdoors again. Or just look in a mirror and decide for myself.
Lightning-fast, detailed, tight, artist-intended, just-the-right-volume bass= Etymotic ER-4S on, less than $200.
In terms of comfort, UM1 would be superior. The UM1 would also be much better for sleeping with. I can't speak for the sound quality, though.
Do NOT normalize; do NOT edit the songs' volumes.
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