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Sale fell through. Still available.
Interested in picking up a pair of AD900X headphones as I am a big fan of the AD900. Let me know if you have a pair you are looking to sell.   Thanks! Daniel
Just interested in picking up some HP100 headphones after reading lots of very positive reviews. Let me know if you are selling a pair.   Thanks! Daniel
Sale pending...
Hello,   I upgraded to the Alpha Pads a couple months ago and I no longer have a need for these Dog Pads. I would estimate I used these Dog Pads for only around 30 hours total. I acquired other headphones I like more so my Mad Dogs did not see much use. However, I couldn't justify selling them either because they are terrific headphones, which is the reason these pads have such little use.   These retail for $50 straight from MrSpeakers and shipping is usually...
Sorry if I missed it earlier in the thread, but does anyone know when these will be released in the US? Thanks!
Sale has been put on hold as I do not think I can part with these after all.
Hello there,   Up for sale is my MrSpeakers Mad Dogs headphones. This is the latest version and includes all original accessories, which consist of the leather comfort strap, Dog Pads, and stock Fostex 1/4" audio cable, and V-Moda 1/8" audio cable.   These are in fantastic condition and have less than 30 hours on them. They are in complete working order. My reason for selling is that they are slightly too dark for me. I tend to like a little more treble in my...
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