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Their website lists 115v for the Asgard 2 and I can't imagine it being different from the first one. To be safe, I'll just say it's the American voltage.
Looking for a mint condition Sennheiser Momentum in black. Thanks!
It was purchased from an authorized seller so I could send the receipt to the buyer.
Those would be the ones. Personally, I was hoping for Bamboo, even though they're cheaper, because I have read they are a little more durable than the Rosewood, but that could be completely wrong.   Thank you!
Hey there,   I am interested in picking up a Burson Soloist. Before purchasing new, I figured I would see if anyone here has one they are looking to get rid of.   Thank you!   Best Regards, Dan
Hey there,   I am interested in picking up an Audeze LCD-2 Rev. 2 with the metal cable connectors on the bottom (unofficial rev. 2.5). Before buying new, I figured I'd see if anyone here has a pair they are looking to get rid of.   Thank you!   Best Regards, Dan
Hey there,   I have recently upgraded my headphone amplifier and no longer need this Schiit Asgard. It is a remarkable amplifier, especially for the price. I purchased it new in November 2012 and I estimate it has around 50 hours of use. It is fully functional and has no blemishes, neither cosmetic nor performance, a.k.a. mint, like-new condition.    ** Photos can be sent upon request, but expect all items to look and perform exactly as they would if they were...
Hey, Does anyone know of a store or Head-Fi user selling the latest version of the Asgard 2 that has them in stock? I have an order with Audio Advisor that's been on backorder for over a month. There's a good chance some of you have been waiting even longer, though. Just curious. At this point, I'm tempted to cancel the order and go for a Lyr, or even a V200 or Soloist, but my wallet wouldn't appreciate that very much. Best Regards, Dan
Hey there,   I have been taking this hobby pretty seriously for about 2 years now and in that time I have acquired too many headphones and many of them do not get used. I have decided to sell a few of them. I am the original owner of this equipment and all of it has been babied and safely stored in closed, storage boxes. Expect no flaws, neither cosmetic nor performance, in any of this gear, a.k.a. mint, like-new condition.   ** Photos can be sent upon request,...
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