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Hello,   Up for sale is a mint, like-new pair of Schiit PYST RCA interconnects, which can be found here: http://schiit.com/products/pyst-cables.    Schiit sells these interconnects for about $27 with shipping. I am selling mine for $22 with free shipping, making this an ideal way to save $5 and know you are getting the same thing.   Let me know if you have any questions.   Best Regards, Dan
$500,000, eh? Too rich for my blood. That price will be hard not to lowball. This must be the ultra limited edition X1 that's hand-crafted by angels, made out of melted gold from the Holy Grail, and has snake oil running through the cable. I think it's also endorsed by Bach, Beethoven, and Bono. Is $300,000 considered a lowball?   I'm just kidding, of course, but you might want to fix that typo.
Alpha Pads are $60 and the 3.2 tune up is $30. Even with shipping, it's below $140.
Do these come with Alpha Pads?
Dan, can you explain the 50% credit for the Alpha Pads and/or 3.2 upgrade? Is it a credit to be used on a future purchase or is there a refund on the full price Alpha Dog upgrade fee?   Thanks and great work! 
Hello there, Up for sale is my second generation 16GB iPod Touch. I used to use it as a portable source, but not anymore. It is in perfect working order and I can probably include the original box and unused ear buds. Let me know if you're interested. Best Regards, Dan
Hello,   This is an interest check to see if anyone is interested in a pair of Mad Dogs revision 3.0 with Alpha Pads. These are in great shape with the only flaw coming in the form of a few small nicks in the metal riser on the right side of the headphones which obviously does not affect the sound at all. In total, these probably have around 50 hours of use on them, but the Alpha Pads have less than 20 hours on them as they originally came with Dog Pads on them. I have...
Hello,   I have been very fond of my LCD-2s for a few months now and I have saved up some funds so now I would like to pick up a pair of LCD-3s. I figured before selling the LCD-2 outright for cash, I'd see if anyone was in need of cash and considering possibly trading their LCD-3 down to a LCD-2. My LCD-2 is the latest revision Rosewood version and comes with the plastic connectors instead of wooden.   PM me to discuss specifics.   Thanks for looking!   Best...
Hey there, Google is your friend, my friend. WAV, AIFF, FLAC, and ALAC are all lossless. WAV and AIFF are very similar. They are both containers for RAW PCM audio. WAV was originally a Microsoft/IBM standard and AIFF was originally an Apple standard. They both preserve the PCM audio from CDs perfectly. FLAC and ALAC are also very similar, with ALAC being Apple's lossless format. As lossless codecs, they preserve the PCM perfectly just as WAV and AIFF do, but they also...
Hello,   I am interested in picking up a Violectric V200 headphone amp. Please let me know if you have one you are willing to part ways with. I am located in the US.   Best Regards, Dan
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