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Lol thanks! I'm sure a ton of people on here have one, but I never thought of listing it on the forum until someone from Europe listed one earlier today. I figured I would see if anyone in the US might be interested in one for DIY purposes because I will never be putting in back in my Bifrost.
Hello there,   I upgraded my Bifrost to the Uber Analog board a couple months ago and have had no use for the original board. I have kept it an anti-static bag inside a sealed container so it would not get damaged.    If anyone is interested, perhaps for DIY, shoot me an offer.   Best Regards, Dan
Hello there,   I have three two gift cards for the iTunes/Mac App Store. These can be used on music, movies, ebooks, iOS apps, Mac apps, and more. One is $10, one is $25, and the third other is $100. The $100 one is an electronic code, while the other two one is a physical card. Preferably, I would deliver all of these via email.   Buy all three both and save over 25%. If you are interested in splitting them up, PM to discuss pricing. This is great opportunity for...
Hello there,   I will probably be parting ways with my HE-400 soon and I figured I would see if anyone who is looking to get rid of their AD2000 or AD2000X would be interested in a trade for them + cash on my end? Also will consider trading DT990 Pro 250 + cash.   They are the second revision and have less than 40 hours on them. They are in mint condition with no physical blemishes.   Let me know if you have any questions or if you are interested in the trade (or...
Hello there,   I have been living happily with my V200 as my primary headphone amplifier for a few months now and the Asgard 2 has been relegated to pre-amp duty for my Airmotiv 5 monitors. I have decided I no longer require a pre-amp so I am letting it go.   This amplifier is in excellent condition. I take extreme care of all of my gear and there are no physical blemishes. There are no transformer hum issues and it was hand-picked by Jason to ensure this. It truly is...
Hello,   Up for sale is a mint, like-new pair of Schiit PYST RCA interconnects, which can be found here:    Schiit sells these interconnects for about $27 with shipping. I am selling mine for $22 with free shipping, making this an ideal way to save $5 and know you are getting the same thing.   Let me know if you have any questions.   Best Regards, Dan
$500,000, eh? Too rich for my blood. That price will be hard not to lowball. This must be the ultra limited edition X1 that's hand-crafted by angels, made out of melted gold from the Holy Grail, and has snake oil running through the cable. I think it's also endorsed by Bach, Beethoven, and Bono. Is $300,000 considered a lowball?   I'm just kidding, of course, but you might want to fix that typo.
Alpha Pads are $60 and the 3.2 tune up is $30. Even with shipping, it's below $140.
Do these come with Alpha Pads?
Dan, can you explain the 50% credit for the Alpha Pads and/or 3.2 upgrade? Is it a credit to be used on a future purchase or is there a refund on the full price Alpha Dog upgrade fee?   Thanks and great work! 
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