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Hello friends,   Up for sale is a pair of Emotiva Pro Airmotiv 5 powered speakers. I purchased these in July 2012 directly from Emotiva and I am the original owner. I would estimate these have around 150 hours on them. These are in pristine condition and I have taken fantastic care of them. Reason for selling is because I recently upgraded to a new pair of speakers.   Photos can be provided, but expect these speakers to look and perform as it would if they just came...
Hello friends,   Up for sale is a mint Schiit Bifrost Uber with USB gen 1 from 2013. I am the original owner and have kept it in pristine condition since buying it. It has a silver finish, USA plug, and 115 VAC. If I had to estimate, I would say it probably has about 125 - 150 hours on it as it has only been used sparingly. Reason for selling is because I picked up a Bifrost Multibit in January of this year. I will also be including the original Bifrost board as...
Okay a minor update. I have a cheap un-powered Monoprice USB hub. If I connect the hub to either MacBook, when I plug the Bifrost Multibit USB input into the hub, the Bifrost Multibit is recognized by the MacBook, BUT when I try listening to music, audio only comes through the left channel. 
I'm experiencing a very weird issue which I cannot find resolution for anywhere in this thread or elsewhere on the Internet. I received a Bifrost Multibit a few weeks ago and I had been using it back and forth between the coaxial input and the USB (gen 2) input with a PC running Windows 7.   I went to use my Bifrost Multibit today with a MacBook Pro from 2013 running El Capitan with the USB input and it is not being recognized by the Mac. I tried both USB ports and still...
Hello,   I am looking to purchase a Schiit SYS in the US. Let me know if you have one you're willing to let go!   Thanks!   Best Regards, Daniel
Hello there,   I have been away from this hobby for a while because of work, other commitments, and other hobbies. In addition to being away, because of the amount of headphones I own, none of them see regular use and they are all sitting around in individual protective boxes. I would rather someone else get use out of them, and I could use the money to fund other things. So up for sale they go! I take extreme care of all of my headphones and I assure you that all of...
Not sold yet. Still available.
Glad to see another fellow Pittsburgher on here. Good luck with the sale. I had an original ODAC and Pyst cables, but sold both.
I started a new job at the start of the new year and haven't been on here much. Price lowered.
Yes please. PM to discuss.
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