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Hello there,   I have been away from this hobby for a while because of work, other commitments, and other hobbies. In addition to being away, because of the amount of headphones I own, none of them see regular use and they are all sitting around in individual protective boxes. I would rather someone else get use out of them, and I could use the money to fund other things, like my IRA. So up for sale they go! I take extreme care of all of my headphones and I assure you...
Not sold yet. Still available.
Glad to see another fellow Pittsburgher on here. Good luck with the sale. I had an original ODAC and Pyst cables, but sold both.
I started a new job at the start of the new year and haven't been on here much. Price lowered.
Yes please. PM to discuss.
Hello there,   I am interested in acquiring a black NAD Viso HP50 headphone and figured I would see if I could save any money on a second hand unit. I would be willing to pay cash, but would also be interested in a trade for my HiFiMAN HE-400 or Sennheiser HD600. I may consider trading my Sennheiser Momentum Over Ear or Philips Fidelio X1 as well.   Best Regards, Daniel
Yes they are.
Hello there,   Up for sale is my mint condition iPad 2 tablet. It is the 16GB WiFi version, which I paid $533 for after taxes. It has been a great tablet and the battery ilfe is still superb. There is not a single scratch on the screen or back of it. Includes original box, but not charger or USB cable.   Apple sells this directly for $399 plus taxes, which can be seen here on their website: http://store.apple.com/us/buy-ipad/ipad2. My asking price is $250...
Hello there,   Up for sale is my Sennheiser HD600 in excellent, like-new condition. These were purchased new by me last year and are still covered under Sennheiser's manufacturer warranty. I estimate these only have 40 hours on them and there are no physical marks or defects.   These sell for $399 new from a variety of vendors. My asking price is $295 $290 $285 $280 $275.   Buyer and seller will split Paypal fees and shipping costs 50/50. Do not hesitate to PM me if...
Hello there,   Up for sale is my HiFiMAN HE-400 headphones in excellent, like-new condition. This is the revision with the white driver, not the problematic one with the brown driver. I would estimate these have about 40 hours of use and they work perfectly. The original cable is included.   These sell new for $399 plus shipping. My asking price is TRADED.   With regards to the ear pads, I currently only have the velour pads for the HE-400 that came with my HE-500....
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