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Thought I would use the full size headphones but I personally prefer IEMs Purchased from Amazon, will provide receipt, headphones were received by me on Jan 4th. Used only once, in new condition Package also includes Fiio RC-HD1 PCOCC-A cable ($50) $195USD Shipped (including PP) for the entire package
After spending some time (almost a year) with my InEarz remolded PFE and UM remolded TF10x6, I can say that I like the fit from InEarz better and they seem to provide a higher quality of finished product. You can see some impurities in the mold from UM but the remold I got from InEarz is perfect. 
I think it has to do with the Fit. I think the irritation had an effect on sonic perception. Just like how soundstage changes with different tips on an universal IEM. I think my ears have settled and got used to customs now
Here's an update   The irritation has subsided, I've been alternating these with my TF10x6 by UM.   I find that the highs are less fatigueing but it sounds more like the PFE that I use to have but with a wider sound stage and better isolation. I went back and forth with the filters and stuck with the Grey filters.   I would suggest the remold to those who have a cracked PFE (known defect). I can move around quite a bit without breaking the seal on these.   I will...
Got my TF10x6   definitely a good step up from the TF10, the sound stage is what hit me first, it was wider than stock. The mids are so much more intimate and detailed, Bass is more Dynamic. Well worth the $$.. I'm using an Oyaide Cable with mine.
Another update   I think I managed to get the fit right, but I'll give it another few days to test.   For some reason, I find the sound brighter than what it was before. Not sure if it's the new Nexus 5 that I'm using as the source, Fiio RC WT1 Cable or the reshelled IEMs. It has gotten really fatigueing for my ears on certain songs and I'll be trying out the black filters again and see how that works out. It's a good thing that InEarz didn't make the filters permanent.
 Here's the picture I posted earlier on  they reused the nozzle tip from the PFE, so you can change filters just like how you would on the stock PFE. The filters won't fall out.
Listening to my remolded PFE111 as I'm typing.   I'm really surprised at how they kept the acoustic filters interchangeable, so kudos to them for making it work. I was expecting them to permanently mold the filters inside.   Sound wise, it still has that nice mid range the PFE offers with the grey filters. The soundstage seem to have gotten a bit narrower though.   Seal is great, fit and finish is awesome.   I have a slight irritation with my right ear, so I'll...
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