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Anyone been playing the Left 4 Dead 2 and Portal Linux Betas? I feel like Valve deserves a huge pat on the back for making such huge progress in Linux gaming, and have hopes other developers will follow.
This is very interesting. Looking forward to your findings!
Isn't the XB800 and XB900 the same headphone, different model number? The US doesn't have an XB900 and Japan doesn't have an XB800.   Some solid confirmation would be nice though.
BioShock Infinite: 10/10
Repost from the portable deals thread: Deal of the Day: Sony MDR-XB600 Extra Bass Headphones - $39.99 while supplies last! Deal of the Day: Sony MDR-XB600 Extra Bass Headphones - $39.99 while supplies last!  
These finally got in... after taking forever to clear customs and being routed to the wrong post office, etc. These are my wife's so I won't be trying them out until she's had the opportunity to enjoy them first.   Sony MDR-XB400/RED (Imported from Japan):  
Just wondering if anyone can recommend a fast, inexpensive USB drive; preferably small enough to fit on your car keys without adding too much bulk. $25-ish? 8 GB or more?   This would be used to run a portable OS.   The fastest USB drive I have to date is my SanDisk Cruzer Contour 16 GB, which I paid a pretty penny for years back when 4 GB was uncommon, and 16 GB was gargantuan. It's very durable but bulky in comparison to the average USB drive in size, and...
Discovered Ubuntu 12.10 when Valve released Steam for Linux and was promoting it a couple weeks ago. A lot of people unfortunately installed it just to get a free, limited in-game Tux penguin, but for me I ended up loving it and it is now my main OS.   Still very new and figuring things out, but love what I've experienced so far. I'm hoping Valve's push for Linux gaming succeeds.
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