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 Hence 7.5 is the last one: the thin 160Gb. I usually call it 7G.
I talked to the folks running these tests and they told me that money not being an issue the iPhone is best option for iems. Similar sq, better UI and battery life. Of course it sets you back hundreds of dollars where X1 + card is less than 200$. M8 seems to be hindered by android by Kit Kat audio engine but i've listened to it and it's the best smartphone sq wise after iPhones. It might be not saying much though cause competition is light years behind (specially output...
 Thanks! It seems that mSATA is far more power hungry than SDXC, More than stock HDD which i was not expecting certainly. mSATA route would requiere the 2000 mAh to offset the greater power consumption. Both look pretty interesting though.
If mSATA sounds a bit better...   What 512 Gb or 256Gb mSATA SSD's would work on a 7g running stock firmware?   Would the 2000 mAh fit in the thick back case?   Power consumption is comparable with Toshiba's HDDs or even higher?
@JamesFiiOAs a long time user of Apple handhelds now i'm thinking in switch to some Fiio portable player but as of a now i miss a few things on the FiiO ecosystem. So i'd just like to toss a few ideas:   1. It would be really useful for people with large digital collections if Fiio could make a program to handle digital music. Or just a plugin to use Fiio stuff with iTunes (as Window Phone desktop software does)   2. Would not it be possible to implement a low power...
I don't think W30 sound like BA200. Had both at the same time and i sold the W30 because vocals were not as good as on BA200. Don't get me wrong overall W30 where a bit better but at *4 the price (and loving vocals) i settled for BA200. I think Westone W20 would be a better match to the BA200. Or even Westone UM PRO 30. But W30 vocals are far in the mix versus the intimacy of BA200.
 Yep. From -50 on i never am able to tell whether if it's -56 or -75. It's more of an academic qualm :) I like a YoY improvement in all areas.
2.3 is ok with almost anything under the sun except for Sony XBA4 and lookalike iems.   Stereo crosstalk has disappointed me a little bit though. I'm pretty certain that iPhone 5s fares about 10 decibels better in that department.   In any case from now on people can weigh in subjective impressions along with objective data (this mixed approach has always served me well to choose sources).
Headphoniaks has posted the objective comparison between M8, iPhone 6 and Fiio X1. Get your translator ready and enjoy the superb article: Running seems like a great idea until you actually start running
His conclusion (and he sells Fiio and iBasso stuff) is that if you don't have volume problems nor hate itunes iPhone is the way to go. That's a really righteous assessment since his online shop does not sell iPhones.Running seems like a great idea until you actually start running
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