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You won't get rid of the 2nd volume limit from any iOS menu. Just of the silliest one of 85db with bundled earpods.
I think it was back in 2008 last time i used a software eq. Feeling weird reading all this plethora of dsps you put the music through.
A non european iPhone 5s is a heck of an iem driver. Uber clear, open and balanced as it should be.
 Filters seem to cut down mids and treble depending on the acoustic impedance. So adding filters will tame mids and treble which i don't think suits well to the already warm tone of the SE215. It might be more interesting to try with the SE425 in order to get it a bit warmer.
If you need to through all these steps to enjoy music you'd be better with another source. Once novelty and expectation bias wears out you will be going across all these tweaks on an endless loop.Sources are to be flat. It's headphones where tonal balance and soundstage is at. With all that processing going on you're ruining the low level sounds. Check Bob Katz's 'Mastering audio' to catch a glimpse of how does digital audio work.
I loved so much mine that i managed to snatch another pair. Many times i just prefer BA200 over my UM3x and W30. I solved an imbalance issue with my first pair by swapping the acoustic dampers. I replaced the red ones with green dampers (1500ohms) and love the result (improved treble). Before you marry someone, first make them use a computer with slow Internet connection to see who they really are.
So phonearena 0'4 volts figure was spot on. As it uses to be output power wise.Samsung obviously has an non audiophile agenda.
A headphone out that delivers (open load) just 0.4 volts (Check review) can not be taken seriously. At least in my book.
If it crackles with the DT770 PRO i guess that the flaw does not depend on the load. How many volume steps are usable before the crackling creeps in?
For what it's worth i have plugged my Westone UM3x and Westone W30 to many boutique bricks and dedicated amps and most of the time iPhone 5s was as good (or even better in more than a few instances). This perception of mine coupled with the fact that iPhone UI and battery mops the floor with those chinese bricks seal the deal for me: iPhone all the way.   THD+ Noise just does not get better than on an iPhone 5s, output impedance is low enough not to be a factor (2.1),...
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