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 Thanks again for the insight. I'll give up on the 2000mAh battery and stick to the 850 one. Now time for Shakeaspearian dilemmas: do i mod now or do i hold till my 240Gb 7G gives up the ghost? Anyway i'm glad that a new and appealing road for high storage 7Gs has been paved thanks to the passion, talent and generosity of people around here. Thanks everyone!
Wou Which is currently the best battery that would work with a 7G modded with that PNY miracle? I'm so attached to the iPod Classic (since 2008) that this project is really getting me pretty excited already. Now that i recall my love for the 7g was stated in the longest thread about it that i started back in October 2009 upon a couple of listens... On a side note since i'm used to the thick mod (240Gb Toshiba HDD) i was wondering if it would be possible to keep the thick...
 As an owner (delighted) of a 240Gb iPod Classic 7G who loves iTunes and Apple firmware...could i rest assured that the 7G would work as flawless if i'd install a 256gb PNY SDXC card with that Tarkan thingy ??? I'd rush to get these pieces as i do love the iPod Classic UI, headphone out, line out, size and battery life. Plus i find it such a beatiful object.
 Well.., a 128Gb Touch would not mean waving goodbye to almost 1000$. And iPad Mini is not a handheld in my book. But sadly i concur that there will not  be Touch 6.
As an european user of an american (uncapped) iPhone 5s wanna share a short story that might help others: Location: Madrid (SPAIN, EU) Last Sunday morning my iPhone 5s 64gb (US Model A1533 GSM) experienced a loss of sensivity on a part of the screen. Restoring did not solve the issue so rushed to an Apple Store in the afternoon. They serviced the A1533 iPhone by swapping the screen several times. Issue remained so... ...they told me that they would swap the iPhone under...
Such a shame that no 128Gb Touch 5 has been seems that Touch is following iPod Classic suit.
Spent a couple of hours at an Apple Store trying an iPhone 6/6 Plus. My findings are as strange as subjective: 1. I prefer my iPhone 5s as i deem it as cleaner, tighter and more open. 2. The iPhone 6 sounds better than the 6 plus: a bit cleaner and defined. That puzzles me as did not count on it. As for the industrial design to me this crop is the ugliest iPhone iteration since release. Thus i've ruled out the 6 Plus and i will be trying again the 6 (but the 5s is a...
You won't get rid of the 2nd volume limit from any iOS menu. Just of the silliest one of 85db with bundled earpods.
I think it was back in 2008 last time i used a software eq. Feeling weird reading all this plethora of dsps you put the music through.
A non european iPhone 5s is a heck of an iem driver. Uber clear, open and balanced as it should be.
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