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Objective data for the A15 from the skilled fellas of headphoniaks:
 I can recall the first post of yours that i read it talked about balanced armatures, a term which had never heard before even if i had just purchased a Shure SE110 set. In any case in a time when ditching idevices sound quality was the trend here you raised your head above the crowd to point out that they sounded quite clean and open. Somehow that idea has echoed in my mind across the years of aural bliss provided by Apple portables.
It's my signature when posting from Tapatalk. It's a Bill Murray quote that i found sort of funny (cause i have always disliked velcro strapped sandals). Every year when summer creeps in my wife try to convince me to get those very sandals to go the beach but every year i stubbornly refuse and i get to the beach in my running sneakers (Guess i have somethig left to lose Fear the man wearing velcro strapped sandals, for he has nothing left to lose.
The day i can get an american 128gb iPhone i'm gonna retire until Apple rolls out 256gb iPhones. That EU cap is really nasty. Fear the man wearing velcro strapped sandals, for he has nothing left to lose.
Recently i compared an iBasso DX100 with a US iPhone 5s abd driving my iems (UM3x and BA200) the difference in sq was so minimal that i would not bother with the iBasso unless i faced volume problems. DX100 presentatiom was a bit more spatial but 5s was a bit more clear. About UI and battery life is better...ehemm... Fear the man wearing velcro strapped sandals, for he has nothing left to lose.
 Not much people know because nobody has tracked down the actual regulation that enforces capping. Once you've read it you understand it all (The colored volume squares, the diminished output and that there are 2 volume limits in place but user is only allowed to turn off one of them -the 85db one-). Non european iPhones sound exactly as loud as iPads (which are not sold capped because...the sell with no bundled earphones hence no way to stick to CENELEC nonsenses). If you...
Great . I'll be looking forward  to your impressions (as i use to do since late 2008 :)
 Did you manage to try an iPhone 6/6+?... Sorry for the offtopic.
Yep. Only European iPhones are crippled by our caring politicians
 After a year of 5s daily use and a month with the 6 i can not help saying that imho you're overstating the added warmth of the 6. Certainly is warmer but just a bit and clarity remains phenomenal. May be you need to adjust. When i switched from 4s to 5s i sorely missed the warmth of the 4s but after a few weeks the 5s just sounded great. From 5s to 6 it has been the same path backwards. I have had the chance to return to the 5s but i could not take the plunge  since the 6...
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