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Have had an european 5s and i only could uncap it via jailbreak. Had it side by side to the us ona and it was about 4 decibels softer. May be HTC does not abide by that paper. But other vendors certainly do ( Lg) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
It's the white paper of the CENCENELEC. Apple sticks to it since late 2012. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Only iDevices sold within the EU are capped.iPads are not capped though (because they don't include bundled headphones and without them the EU white paper can not be applied).
Actually it's worse than that. iDevices take 24bits but truncate to 16 (which is worse than if it would dither to 16). Gathered the info from Stereophile a while back though.
I hope Cirrus never leaves the boat. Since they took care of the headphone out (iPhone 3Gs) it has ranged from excellent to unbelievably good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
At least in Spain Applecare for noN EU iPhones still works AS LONG as you are able to bring the iPhone to an Apple Store. That means there is not pick up service. You gotta make it to an Apple Store.
I don't know about people but i'm an iPhone user since 2009 because of the headphone out quality and reliability (no hiccups, no hiss or any of that Androidish issues).   To me a non European iPhone is a miracle of electrical engineering and power management.The European versions is as good but headroom is worse due to the crappy regulations in place.   I'm yet to hear anything that powers in ear monitors better than my US iPhone 5s. And God knows i've tried boutique...
 That's easy to check out. Get to an Apple Store and then check an iPhone 6 Music menu -> Volume Limit. If it appears a toggle to de-activate EU volume limit then it is capped. By that switching that toggle you just override the 85db limit (EU first limit) but you can not override the 100db limit (2nd EU Limit & not user removable). Both are calculated with bundled headphones (so iPads are not capped). In addition to less output voltage you are given the screen that auto...
And coupled to the European price tag there is the nasty double volume cap that makes the headphone amplifier sort of weak compared to non EU iPhones.
I have no doubt that iPhone 6 will be as great or better sounding than the stunning iPhone 5s.   It's a shame that Apple has not currently any 100Gb+ iPod as the 128Gb iPhone price tag is quite hefty in Europe.
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