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 That would be pretty interesting. Did you ever have an iPhone 5s to compare (even by memory) with the 6 Plus.
 I don't buy that idea. I have had 3 European iPhone 5s and all had the same output power. I have had 2 US iPhone 5s and both had the same output power. At the same time i had a 2011 iPhone 4s and theUS 5s and outpu power was the same 1 volt (open load)
iPhone 4s is not louder than iPhone 5s (unless you have an European 5s).Note: at time of release iPhone 4s was not capped as the nasty EU cap began with iPhone 5 (applying though to replacement iPhone 4s assembled from 2013 on)Running seems like a great idea until you actually start running
I think that both clip with 16 ohms loads at full throttle.Just like every previous iPhone from 0'7 volts on there's some clipping so you have to dial down a pinch the volume.Running seems like a great idea until you actually start running
It seems that the day my 4 year old iBasso T3 craps out i'm having a hard time to find some amp as tiny, powerful and good sounding, It is ideal to drive my multidriver iems hooked to an (also discontinued) iPod Classic :(   And its battery runs for more than 30 hours. Almosto like the iPod. What an ultraportable and long lasting combo.
 Running on Apple firmware?
TBH i have put my iPhone 5s + Westone UM3x against a few dedicated daps and none of them pull away too far. Actually most of them lagged behind. In terms of clarity and accuracy i doubt it can get much better than a 5s. People who deem the 5s as thin would be happier with the warmer 6/6 Plus though.
I enjoyed a 4s for 2 years. Great headphone out but i like the 5s a pinch better. Running seems like a great idea until you actually start running
 What's this treacherous scenario with mSATA you're describing. Is it not an stable mod? One would want to just stuff in the pieces and be good to go for a few years. Is that possible at all with mSATAs?
 Even if these guys at gsmarena are not the best out there measuring gear..hey it takes a leap of faith to deem the Z3 even as respectable (more even so taking into account that the figures are belting out the pale 0'3 volts which is the max output of that phone): If you put together that numbers together with the HTC M8 figures putting out 1.3 volts (or an iPhone delivering 1 volt) one gets dizzy thinking  how Sony...
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