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If everything there is as accurate as saying that Westone W30 sounds as a Westone W3 then i can write off that chart on the spot. A few years back i asked Shure for acoustic dampers for my SE530s (one went missing) and they sent me a couple of Knowles dampers.
How do you know that Shure uses Sonion drivers ? Certainly, SE846 drivers are propietary. Not Sonion nor Knowles.
I will try to go to an Apple store to listen to the PB3s as it seems a nicer option to assess the W1 chip  than the Airpods.   OT: Looking back at my 4 year stint going to the gym on a daily basis i have worn: Shure SE215, TDK BA200, Shure SE535, Westone 3 and Westone W30 sets.   Oddly enough, the SE215s have been the ones that did fit the bill better.   In the gym (at 7 am) i find little use to the added clarity of balanced armature setups and the extra thickness of...
Thanks for the heads up about the PB3. I'll try to test them but for the gym i can not see myself giving up on the amazing isolation of the SE215. Since it's unlikely that Apple might license the W1 protocol to Westone/Shure i won't see what i'd like to see: wireless SE846s W1 paired or W30s. I am curious about the Shure Lightning cable specs (Output impedance, output power, noise floor). The slain of the hp makes up for interesting times.
Still my biggest gripe with wireless earphones is the need to take care of one more battery.   First it was smartphone battery, then it was the tablet battery, later on came the smartwatch battery and now it's the earphones battery. One might end up hiring a battery manager.   I'll remain wired till wireless last 1 month on a single charge.
As i was one of Westone customers who had issues in the past (mainly with the mmcx connection) i must say that since Westone updated their mmcx cable it's being nothing but a smooth sail. Having had a set of Pro 50s i don't recall having seen a single case of shells coming apart. In any case whenever i have had issues Westone / Variphone have always sorted them out very quickly and at no cost (Even out of warranty). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
 The marketplace is flooded by SE535 and SE215 fakes. So stick with Shure advice: just buy from authorized dealers.
Using resistors with balanced armature iems ruins the intended signature and might introduce phase issues. Why don't you steer for different house sounds. It seems that a slight v shaped signature would fit better the bill for you. The SE425s are more like an inverted v.
 He might be a bona fide seller that got cheated himself.Sure Shure will tell you whether they are fakes or whatever happened with the acoustic dampers.
 I owned the SE420s for 4 years. I don't think it is as bad ;) Reference sound tuned for in ear listening. You might be better off with Westone though.
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