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 Was the demo unit charging ? On a more than a few instances i've found that when a device is charging some hiss find a way to the headphone amplifier but it disappears when the unit is not plugged to the charger.
 Now i'm 100% sure that for balanced armature iems there are many choices ahead of the AK240.Noise floor is a critical parameter. As output impedance and AK240 is outperformed there by a plethora of daps.That kind of noise floor negates the whole point of using high resolution audio.This is player is placebo and snake oil to nth.Great idea not so well executed but marketing will fix that. Won't it?A week as back i listened back to back to an leckerton UHA6II amping an iPod...
I can't accept that a source with more than 2 ohms of output impedance is deemed as first class. Low impedance balanced armature users will get better sound with a Fiio x5, iBasso DX100. Heck even with an iPod Touch 5 or an iPhone 5s (whose channel separation for very low impedances is just the best in business). Password must contain at least one capital letter, the meaning of life, 14 of your favorite baby names, the Hamlet plot summary and a hug.
If you like to tinker with the sound (eq, and other dsps) you should.   Personally i hate dsps that degragde the purity of the program and low level sounds so i have never rockboxed an iPod Classic.
Certainly with an amped iPod Classic you can't go wrong. Aural bliss with great ui and battery life.Password must contain at least one capital letter, the meaning of life, 14 of your favorite baby names, the Hamlet plot summary and a hug.
My only gripe about UM3x is not the closed in soundstage (which i may even like in many instances) but some lack of energy in the presence region. But it's not something that spoils my listening since is outweighted by its many virtues.   To me the cost efficient point lies on 3 drivers balanced armature iems (300$ - 400$). From there on whether it's UM3x, Westone 3, Shure SE535 i'm really lost in the music.   Another factor that made me step back from SE846 was that...
 After 3+ years using the Westone UM3x a few weeks back i almost bought the SE846. But on a momentary lapse of reason i remembered that the UM3x gets me 100% emotionally involved with my music thus forking out 1000$  to remain on the same emotinal realm led me to hold back. I'm sure someday i'll end up with a SE846 and it will be audibly much better than UM3x but i doubt that emotional journeys UM3x provide me with can be improved. After all i put gear at the service of my...
 I'd rather hold back anyway since chances of getting a crackling M8 are very real by judging all the users that have reported that very issue.
 Was your iPhone 5 european? Since 2013 all Apple handsets are capped within Europe (non removable from the music menu. Only via jailbreak) My US iPhone 5s delivers 1 volt where my (now sold) European iPhone 5s only delivered 0.6 volts.
This crackling issue reminds me a lot of the Galaxy S4 fuzzies.   Does it happen in the last step of volume, only at 2 steps from maximum... ...on the S4 just happened on the step 14 (out of 15). It was measured by Jensigner.   Anyway the crackling and the mono audio over USB make this phone a no go. This mono thing is outrageous really. How comes nobody at HTC noticed it?   Hence as usual i'd stick to my iPhone 5s (that as usual has no audio flaws of any kind).
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