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I could quite relate to this a year ago when the original cable final gave in and I had to go on a quest for new cable. When an anonymous vendor offer their best cable,  "Brimar Audio Monarh SGA Supreme Reference", I took a listen and simple shake my head and walk out of the shop simple because of how warm and mellow it has become. Not to mention the price simply scared my wallet away.
Hey guys ! I know this thread is pretty much dead but I got to ask. My headband for the ath esw 11 is falling apart and I'd like to know from people who might had similar experienced tell me where could I get a replacement ? Cheers !
Massdrop username: patongo I would really love to see some different brand rather than the well known ones, but if I had to pick one it would definitely be Fitear TOGO 334 that I can see many people complaining about not being able to get one.
Guess: 1)106,739 2)103,591 3)109,761
Thank you very much Chodi. Will need to wait and see his reply. Cheers 
Hello guys, I'm looking to buy a new cable since the stock ones is falling apart. Is there any recommendation for a replacement cable ? I'm only able to fork out 400 $ and maybe a little bit of a stretch from my original budget. What I am looking for is the little more extension in the treble and the tone down on the mid bass, while the physical property I am looking would have to be a bit tough and could handle roughness. Cheers :) 
subscribed, thanks guys 
Do any of you have the skipping track problem ? Mine seem to go wild with skipping track after pressing the button once, I'm currently using 1.2.2 
Does any of you have the problem of skipping track and the dx50 just suddenly skip through 10 songs ? I'm just wondering since I just press the skip button once and it start going wild on it's own, also I'm using the current version, 1.2.2.  
Has anyone tried He 500 with woo WA7 ? I would like you to know if the amp is capable of driving the He 500. 
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