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Probabl y the most important aspect of a headphone amp is no noise,  it is adding severe IMD and degredation to the sound even if you think it is masks by the volume of the music.  Perfect example of why headphone amps have regulated power supplies and are only suitable for the least sensitive cans made and I can only think of two (HE6 AKGk1k.)
  But I'm a tube guy.   Love my HE-500's,  very intrigued by the HE-6's but a good tube amp that can power them seems impossible.  I have a Lyr stashed away and like it but its not the same as a full tube amp being a hybrid. 
Do you think the HE-6 is worth the headaches (hi powered amp) over the HE-500 ?
All I'm saying is an EL34 SET with good iron can be an absolutely top choice for a tube headphone amp.  This amp has a whole lot of potential.  I wouldn't say its a bottom feeder,  maybe with the tiny edcors and the 12ax7 but those things are upgradeable. I guess I'm not an OTL fan and my bias shows but I encourage the OPer not to give up on this EL34, that's all.
  No I understand what you are saying has nothing to do with the HE-6,  not all electraprint transformers for 300b's are like those undersized 5k:16 50ma in the BA.  ElectraPrint can make a good transformer for a 300B/2A3 amp you just get what you pay for.  You were saying Jack's transformers aren't as good as others but he just supplies what the customer asks /pays for.  Check out his website he can make transformers that would suit a 300B much better.  That's all I'm...
  This is fantastic.  My only concerns are sceleratus's comments that there is some noise.  What makes a great headphone amp is a simple test.   Play music on your most sensitive/efficient headphones about as loud as you like.   Then play a "silence" tack which is basically just digital null.   If you hear any noise it affects the SQ.  Its a better test of a headphone amp than any THD,IMD, FFT, etc.   I suspect this amp would pass the test with flying colors for orthos...
  You can't expect bottom budget SE output transformers to beat an OTL like the Crack,  with good iron you could have a really nice SE amp that far exceeds the Crack.  Just something to consider if went this far.
  How much power is this estimated at,  could it handle 5W the HE-6's ?
  The best AudioGD's are actually those with their diamond output and those have about 40dB' of NFB.  The other ones actually have feedback too, current feedback. So they measure better than a true open loop analog stage.   As far as the MSB module DAC's I don't see how you could go wrong,  those practically don't require anything from the analog stage.  As far as the digital section I wouldn't invest that much money if I was relying on USB 2.0 input,  it will be...
  Unfortunately the HE-6 has been measured at a very low 77db/mW,  you can do the math but I don't think that leaves much headroom? I have seen no claims of any EC amp power into 50 ohms or any other DHT headphone amp for that matter..   The only SET that claims it can power the HE6 is the PSE EL34 AudioNote with its double C-core output transformers.     You can't really blame ElectraPrint,  he spec's 5k:16 ohm 50mA transformers.  So the Stratus is more powerful with a...
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