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Zipties, and screw some hooks into the bottom of the table to hang the zip-tied cables from.
Quote: Originally Posted by skyline889 I hope that 1.5TB is a redundant backup, that'd be a lot of data to lose. Yeah. I keep a copy on my storage drive on the PC, and a copy of Flickr Pro which gives me full-size JPEG storage. 4000 pics and counting!
Lens Cleaning Tissue - Tiffen.Com This is what I use - approx $3 for 50 sheets, which is not bad.
Quote: Originally Posted by vagarach Taken in the wee hours of the morning in Cairns, Australia (the city close to the great barrier reef). Taken in RAW mode, but this is straight from Preview, I don't have any software to process it, any suggestions? Since you mentioned Preview, I assume you're on a Mac. You have the option of downloading Nikon's ViewNX software, or using Apple's Aperture, or Adobe's Lightroom2/Photoshop. I personally use...
Just gorgeous, Raymond! I love the colors and the lighting in the last few shots... did you plan the light being on the couple's head?
Just went to a local car meet today... 700 cars in one parking lot! RS Summer Meet '09 - a set on Flickr This green dude again. Shoulda put it next to the Can-Am Spyder! I want the No Fat Chicks sticker. Nice color for calipers. Also very clean! Very sick, totally deserving of Best in Show.
Wow, yeah, I actually won! Thanks skyline, and looking forward to using that mini-mini. PM sent.
I would like one skyline! I need a new mini-to-mini for the car now that I finally have an aux-in.
First things first, you have one TOO MANY GTX280. You bought two, but you only have one PCI-E slot. Therefore, you have one card that is not able to be used. Secondly, you need a NEW PSU. The current one you have is not enough to power one GTX280, don't even think about two. It's too old, and it doesn't have the proper connectors (one 8-pin, one 6-pin is needed). Thirdly, your CPU is going to be a major bottleneck when using the videocards. It is too old and outdated....
Sold Aaron my Cowon U5 - everything went well, would deal with again!
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