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V-Moda Verza.  I have been in portable audio nirvana with this combo.
D600 vs. PRO900 or SigDJ?  Regardless, I would give the edge in comfort to the D600, although the Sig DJ has a more secure fit for portable use.  I found the D600 would slip quite a bit when walking. My amp is the V-Moda Verza.
I am familiar with both of those headphones and the answer is a definitive yes across the board regarding the D600.  Bass is closer related to the PRO900 from memory, but I consider their highs harsh and mids recessed by comparision.  The Sig DJ is really in another league, as it should be for the price.
"Welcome to the grand illusion..."
Glad to offer a good suggestion.  Here is one more- I jammed out to Led Zeppelin for about two hours the other night hearing details I never heard before.  Add classic rock to the Sig DJ's checklist.
While I can't speak to the IEM comparison you are requesting (it is obviously much more challenging to demo IEMs vs. headphones for hygenic reasons- for some reason I just had a vision of a big wad of ear wax stuck to a silicon tip),  one big difference I see between the AH-C100 is the design.  The C300 comes with a ton of ear fittings including multiples sizes and types of tips and a unique, secure fit ear stabilizer, similar to the new Bose design and Monster I-sport,...
They do lack microdetail, but are highly capable with just about everything else.
The NAD HP50 may be another option to consider.
Push your budget to $80 for Denon AH-C300's and you will be a happy camper.  These were selling for $250 last year.  The WOW factor of the bass and sub-bass on these make them the most fun basshead IEMs I have heard anywhere near their price and the mids/highs are respectable.  They are like a Q40 in an IEM, but with even a bit more mid bass.
After spending months with the Ultrasone Signature DJ, I have come to the conclusion that they are so perfect for me that I almost feel as if they were custom designed, to the point that I can say I have lost interest in hearing other headphones, especially paired with the V-Moda Verza which I have found to be the ideal portable amp for them.  I thought I would list some highlights as to why they are perfect for me, understanding that others have different tastes and...
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