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Here is my first headphone amp build.  It's based on the TangentSoft tutorial and related articles.  It's using an OPA2132A and other than using bigger caps and a gain of ~5 it pretty much follows the "stock" Tangent design.  There's a couple issues (largely because of the big caps) but overall I'm happy with how it turned out.           More info on my build if you're interested:   If anyone has...
Happy Birthday!  My SR-80 headphones were my first and still my favorites.  
  That's the scary part.  If they're willing to clone a $25 amp, they'll clone anything.  Seems we can't be too careful these days.
Purchased about a year ago.  They've had several hundred hours of use as they were my most used headphone for a long time.  I've since purchased the PRO-550 and like them better, but that's just me.   Included are the headphones, 1/4 adapter, test CD/product guide (not pictured), and storage bag (also not pictured).  Original box is gone.  I can't guarantee the 1/4 adapter is the original because I mix them together, but it's threaded and it fits.  The bag and test...
Little Dot I+ Hybrid Amplifier w/ Mullard M8083 tubes and OPA2107 OpAmp.  Original Chinese tubes and original OpAmp are included along with audio cable, extra jumpers, manual, and original packaging materials.   While I like the vintage aspect of the amp, it never really caught on with me and I've found I've had little interest in it myself.  The amp and Mullard tubes have 35-40 hours of use.  I never used the Chinese tubes.  Amp is shipped setup for the Mullard...
    I use lead solder, Sn63/Pb37 mix with flux already in it.  The stuff I've been using lately (which I find to work really well) is from MG Chemicals.  It's 2.2% flux.  For times I need to resolder, etc. I use a flux pen which is quite a handy thing to have.
    I've got all the bits an pieces in set of small plastic drawers.  I have an apt. so I do my soldering at my desk in the living room.  Gotta keep things tidy for when the womenfolk are over.
    I have an Audio-Technica AT-PL120 turntable which has selectable line-level output built in, which has made it handy for me to hook up to my stereo equipment (none of which has a phono input).  The new version AT-LP120 has built-in USB in addition to the line-level output and seems to get good reviews, though I haven't tried it myself.  Wish it was available when I purchased mine.
I wish I had a dedicated area for soldering, but don't have enough room.  Someday.  So everything stays inside a crate.     Hakko FX-888 soldering station
Funki Porcini - Fast Asleep
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