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Ordered a pair of the 132's with mic and volume adjustment.  I remember the original having the Phonaks and not really liking either the grey or black filters for sound.   Neither provided the "thump" I was looking for.     Took a chance again with Phonak with the 132's, but now I have my EQ set to rock on my iPhone.   My tastes must have changed over the years, because they sound amazing with the black filters.   Also, the comfort can't be beat.  I tried the SE215s, but...
Just received the same email and came on here to see if anyone had info.  
Wow.  Didn't realize that!      Seems like this is a much smaller package than the SF5 EBs.   
This is an interesting concept to me.  Are there other companies doing this?   I love a warm sound, but sometimes wish that there was a bit more sparkle on the mid/high end.  This seems like it would solve both issues.    I know that Scosche isn't know for their sound, but I thought I would post to get others feedback.
Selling a pair of Sennheiser IE8i headphones with mic and remote control for the iPhone.   These are in excellent condition and will come in the original box with all original accessories.    None of the tips were used as I already had my own.      These were original bought from RazorDog Deals which is an authorized dealer of Sennheiser.  I can provide the original invoice for these if requested.      Asking $250 which includes USPS Priority Mail shipping (2-3...
Selling a lightly used pair of Fischer Audio Eterna headphones.   These are the original version, not version 2.    None of the ear tips have been used.      Asking for $60 total.   This includes USPS Priority shipping (2-3 days).    USCON only.   Please message me with any additional quesitons.   Thanks.
I think he is saying that a great soundstage is "360"...coming from all angles...where the "=====" represents a "fake" soundstage because it only appears to be wider.
Same situation here.    I have the Fischer Eternas to compare to when they arrive.  Hopefully will get some good time with them tomorrow.    That and the iPad 2 coming shall be a good day!  
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