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 That will never happen. 
That's the first version of the SRM-1 Mk2  and it's a bit different to the most common model.  Not sure which pot is which on this but it's easy to check underneath the PCB.  The pots have three pins so look for the one which has two of the pins connected together by a trace.  That's the offset pot so the other one must be the balance. 
 The amp on its own will do a far better job of doing the phase splitting than any transformer.  The high gain of the amplifier will generate a balanced signal from a single ended source without any external or extra components.  The exact same is true for the humble Stax SRM-252S and most other electrostatic amplifiers. 
 It doesn't make any sense to add a socket for the Koss.  First off it's one model with a unique connector, one which is also impossible to source without ripping it from an E/90 amp.  It's also very easy to make an adapter to Stax for them and they are electrically compatible.  To make the amp compatible with pretty much everything under the sun it is fitted with a variable bias supply which can be set between 0-1000V and easily lifted to 1400V simply by floating it on...
The Koss is far superior, both the phones and the amp.  No comparison really...
 The driver has promise but one of mine rattled which was rather alarming.  First thing to change about these are the earpads though, they are way too big and the biggest "bad" factor to the sound.  Also all H1 owners should know about this: http://kingsaudio.com.hk/press/?post=free-upgrade-from-ks-h1-to-ks-h
Then problem with that theory is how would the generated static end up on the diaphragm.  The system is highly insulated so the only viable option for what's causing this is has to do with changes to temperature/humidity and how the peculiar nature of the 009 driver interacts with those. 
 That's pretty much completely incorrect.  The letters mean absolutely nothing and the serial numbers even less.  The parts used just represent the time when the units were built and how long the lifetime of the design was. 
Given that the RN60D metal film resistor is just about the perfect resistor then "upgrading" them can only be detrimental.  There are exceptions such as the "batteries" in the T2DIY which need a slightly inductive resistor (and Stax told us as much) but that isn't the case here. 
 IXYS or Sanyo only applies to the third stage CCS.  It's not really a good idea to mess with the current setting on that one so what we alter is the output stage standing power. 
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