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My advisor? Yes. He told me to find someone to help me write cause it's not his problem. In undergrad my gen ed teachers were very big on getting 'the engineering kids' in and out as fast as possible.   I don't think I'm an expert. I think of myself as pretty smart in some fields, but by no means an expert.
I will say this though. I have never cheated in the sense that I have taken someone else's ideas and called them my own. I have, a few times written completely made up facts and cited them to someone else (undergrad english writing class). I'm admittedly I horrible writer. When I graduated finally I had to hire a professional writer to help me organize my thoughts. I am not saying this person wrote my dissertation, I did the research, wrote up a working draft and then he...
Sure why not, sign me up.
The one that does it for me that I can think of off the top of my head is probably   Battling the Green Death from the How to Train your Dragon Soundtrack. It only happens at the tail when there is only about 2:30 left of the song. I just feel like I'm flying 200mph dive bombing and gives me shivers.
  The entire album is just amazing.
These are why I still can't take the Monster Turbine's seriously. I've heard the Turbines and I am legitimately impressed, but when a company makes a product like the Turbines and then turns around and makes...these. I kind of feel like the turbines future is wrought with design by committee issues. If they are going to make a product and they want to make something THAT tacky, don't associate their name with it.
Sure why not I'm up for it. I'd prefer to be within the CONUS, but I will ship internationally.
I'm stating that the brain adds it's own 'variance' to sound making it impossible to come up with a testable experiment. Sound for people can be duplicated within a certain margin of error but the fact remains that my brain 'hears' things differently than 'your' brain. We can measure how our ears hear a sound, but the measurement ends at the physical. Unfortunately the mental component to hearing can change a lot of things. For example have you ever heard a noise that...
Happens a lot in grad school as well. I had one guy literally try to steal my notes after refusing to show him how to do the assignments. Luckily I had a friend with me and after some sort of male on male sizing up, the guy backed down...that was the first time I ever saw someone actually collapse into a blubbering mess in the library. It would have been hysterical if it wasn't so pathetic.
I think the issue is that what humans hear is purely subjective. Unlike audio signals which may or may not change within a measurable amount, the fact is that human ears are similar but different. They all work the same, but some aren't able to hear certain frequencies. For example, have a 6 year old and a 96 year old listen the same system and the same source and they will hear two different things. Also sound is subjective based on our brains and our experience with...
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