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 Ear fungus sound about as gross as I'm imagining. Yes these would be in my ear for 8-9 hours daily...maybe longer.
Yeah those are actually exactly what I have. The issue seems to be that when I put them on my head it causes the IEM to shift slightly so I can barely hear anything (music wise lol)
I sort of figured as much in regards to insurance. It's awesome to hear a precise reason. Thank you so much. I had a question, as an audiologist have you ever worked with patients who came in dealing with sensory processing disorder? That was the doctors official diagnosis so I was curious if I should see an audiologist or if that's not going to be very helpful in this instance. Obviously you can't offer medical advice lol. I'll take a look at Noble. Thanks! Edit: Just...
 The biggest issue I've had is that my ears just start aching with standard IEM's. I've used shure e2c's, 310's and 530's. I've had a pair of UE TF-10's and within an hour my ears are practically burning from the pain (I hate having small ears) I've tried foam flanges, rubber flanges the works. The only time I've never had ear fatigue was with the custom IEM's I had (lost in a move, I know, I'm terrible)But it's funny you should mention the ear muffs. I actually do have a...
Hi everyone. It's been many many years since I've posted but I'm still alive and still enjoying music with headphones and whatnot. So here is my problem. A few years ago I started a new project at work that had me inside a large laboratory that housed a lot of people and equipment. This machinery was and is LOUD. So I've found out I have a weird quirk where under constant bombardment of sound and people interaction, my brain sort of goes NOPE and it's impossible to do...
My advisor? Yes. He told me to find someone to help me write cause it's not his problem. In undergrad my gen ed teachers were very big on getting 'the engineering kids' in and out as fast as possible.   I don't think I'm an expert. I think of myself as pretty smart in some fields, but by no means an expert.
I will say this though. I have never cheated in the sense that I have taken someone else's ideas and called them my own. I have, a few times written completely made up facts and cited them to someone else (undergrad english writing class). I'm admittedly I horrible writer. When I graduated finally I had to hire a professional writer to help me organize my thoughts. I am not saying this person wrote my dissertation, I did the research, wrote up a working draft and then he...
Sure why not, sign me up.
The one that does it for me that I can think of off the top of my head is probably   Battling the Green Death from the How to Train your Dragon Soundtrack. It only happens at the tail when there is only about 2:30 left of the song. I just feel like I'm flying 200mph dive bombing and gives me shivers.
  The entire album is just amazing.
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