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I say it is a 9  
You could make both and we could have two harmonies  
What is the difference between a the "sate of the art" and the normal model?   Would it be possible to have the art work only engraved without the color?   Are there any news on the harmony?
That comparisons would be very interesting to read. I will be waiting for this :) I am using all my patience to wait for the Harmony and not buy the Pro330V2
Any news with the harmony redesign? or are you waiting for Sonion until february?
Very good explanation, so if I understand correctly it does not imply better sound just a change in the sound signature and presentation of the sound layers
What do you think about the phase correction and the CIEMS that do not have problem with the phases, do you think it impacts a lot on the sound?   How would a CIEM without phase correction compare with one that does not have any phase problems? are we really losing that much?
@Joker, could you make brief comparison between the Yamaha EPH-100, the Sony MDR 7550 and the Sure SE535?
Hi all, I was wondering if you can recommend me a set of really good IEMs that on with a warm signature in the style of the LCD2, I am not familiar with that sound signature and I would like to try it before jumping into really expensive earphones or IEM/CIEM, but I am willing to spend some money to listen IEMs with clean and detailed warm signature.
Thank you I will try that
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