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I've installed Neutron, but find that Poweramp Alpha has higher volume output than Neutron.Is there any particular settings i need to enable in Neutron for the higher volume?
Credit to JaeYoon for sharing this in another thread : https://www.qualcomm.com/news/snapdragon/2016/06/02/qualcomm-aqstic-sets-new-standard-audiophiles
Have tried Google Play Music app on the 10 and personally still prefer Power Amp Alpha. The latter sounds better (and louder), only gripe is the occasional playback issues when toggling tracks. Also tried Neutron, Onkyo HF Player and Jetaudio and Poweramp Alpha still tops the list. Any other player recommendations as good as Poweramp, or even better in terms of sound quality? Thanks
Just to clarify, HTC stock player = Google Music?
I'm facing exactly the same issues as you with my HTC 10. Using Neutron in the interim, but i think Poweramp Alpha still sounds better (but facing the said issues)
With the G5 and B&O, which music player sounds better? Onkyo or LG's stock player?
Anyone manage to play apple lossless (m4a) files on their V10 ? Tried mine but the default music player says something like file format not supported. If i'm not mistaken, thought i read from the phone specs support apple lossless? Was hoping to stick to the default music player for use together with the 32-bit DAC. Otherwise, have to switch to Neutron musci player...............
I had the same issue. The volume will suddenly shoot up to the max when i adjust the volume and this happens durimg playback when the display is 'awakened' from sleep
I've tried Neutron music player on my IP6+ and feel that the native music app sounds better. Any other audiophile music player app recommendations with better sound fidelity than the native app?
 I highly recommend Neutron Music Player, an audiophile player in my opinion, though doesn't look as sleek as other players. in addition to FLAC, it also plays apple lossless.
New Posts  All Forums: