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Apologies if this is a noob question or asked before - The Dragonfly Red's processing capabilities is 24-bit/ 96 KHz. Does this mean that to fully maximize the DFR's capabilities, I should use music files of resolution up to 24-bit/ 96 KHz? Any higher resolution (i.e. 24-bit/ 192Khz) will not result in any sound improvement since the music file will be downsampled  to 24-bit/ 96 KHz (and possibly there may also be loss in sound quality during the downsampling process?)
Hi folks, my current listening setup consists of the following:- - JH Audio 16 PRO (first gen) customs - Toxic Cable Silver Widow earphone cable - LG V20 as the music player - Music encoded in Apple Lossless - Genres: Pop, Rock/ Alt. Rock, R&B, Dance, Jazz    I'm considering to upgrade to either the Noble Audio Encore customs, or the JH Audio 16V2 PRO customs. Any thoughts/ advice which is a better upgrade ?   Many thanks!
So anyone using another music app which sounds better than the stock player in V20?
Thanks. See that now with alpha 4, but doesn't work as there's output error
Sorry, what i mea is within the Poweramp app (alpha version 703),there is an option to enable "High-Res Ouput" within the app itself. However, this option is missing on my V20. Hence, mu question if anyone is seeing thw same.
I've installed the alpha 703 Poweramp, but don't see "High-Res Output (Experimental") option under "Output". Anyone seeing the same?
Anyone manage to test if Poweramp's High Res Output works with LG V20?
LG V20 vs iPhone 7 paired with Audioquest Dragonfly Red. Anyone wants to throw some guesses which would sound better?
Hi all. Audioquest states that the USB 3.0 CCK offers improved audio performance over the older CCK adapter. Has anyone being able to hear any audible improvements as compared to the older adapter?
Try using the USB Audio Player Pro? With the Hardware Volume control enabled (under 'Settings'), the app plays loud on my Note 7 (Exynos) at 50% volume setting.
New Posts  All Forums: