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I had the same issue. The volume will suddenly shoot up to the max when i adjust the volume and this happens durimg playback when the display is 'awakened' from sleep
I've tried Neutron music player on my IP6+ and feel that the native music app sounds better. Any other audiophile music player app recommendations with better sound fidelity than the native app?
 I highly recommend Neutron Music Player, an audiophile player in my opinion, though doesn't look as sleek as other players. in addition to FLAC, it also plays apple lossless.
 noted! getting ahead of myself!
Dear folks, in advance of the launch of Galaxy S3 and Voodoo installation, please advise if I've got the below steps correct: 1) Root S3 as per Redmondpie guide : http://www.redmondpie.com/how-to-root-galaxy-s-iii/ 2) Download and flash Odin version of Voodoo 5.5.3 : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=806195 (since Redmondpie's root guide is based on Odin) 3) Download and install Voodoo Sound Plus app from Google Play. Anything I've missed?
Its been a week since i've ordered the eclipse, but still no updates despite numerous PMs and emails. Anyone experiencing the same?
Hi Craig, sent u PM and email. Pls check. Thanks!
hi craig, has my order shipped? also dropped you a note on the excess pyt i've made as i'm an existing customer. thanks!
Craig, as requested, I've edited my original post. My final order is : Elite TWAG 48" OM with Oyaide Silver / Rhodium-plated STRAIGHT plug
I noticed these two cables share similar characterics, such as both are 99.99998% pure Copper mono crystal with silver plating, Cryo-treated, and over moulding.   Any thoughts if they're actually using the same cable? I guess the only difference is the choice of plugs which Whiplash offers?  
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