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Both are brand new in unopened retail boxes. E7300: $90 shipped if in CONUS, if not shipping is extra. check em out
Looking for a stock DT770 cable w/ the screw on 1/4" adapter. I shortened mine for improved portability but now wish I had the stock length again. PM with offers, thanks!
Eh, from what you currently have, i think its better that you save up for a more worthwhile upgrade. That SR60 is a great headphone already, if you can manage to fix it (TAPE! ).
Sold LeBuLLeT my C&C BOX+ amp a while ago. Great person to work with and we set up a very simple transaction. Great buyer!
I'm looking to get a new sound card soon (probably Xonar D2X) and I have some op amps laying around from a previous mod. I have some LTC6241, LTC6241HV, and an AD823. Would they be any improvement if I swapped one of them in? I listen on a measly DT770 pro80. Also, if they do make a difference, would I get the same sound from, say, a cheaper Xonar DX? I know i'm not in the usual head-fi spirit of going for more "audiophile" methods of getting sound from a PC, but I kinda...
looking for an Asus Xonar card. Low end one is preffered since its cheap, but may get the high end one depending on the price. PCI-E only.
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