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Hey fleasbaby, how do you like the ear-zonks? I have one of their L-cush pads, they seem fine.
Found some, thanks guys!
Just wanted to add that the freshly cut interior is nice because the open pours of mahogany get packed well with sawdust when sanding, it's tough to reverse this process without cutting it again. Turned or drilled surfaces are not nearly as smooth and uniform as routed surfaces. Turned and especially forstner bit drilled bores have a lot of tearing on the surface that is non-existent with a good router bit and proper toolpath. Forget spade bit drilled bores, you might as...
Nice job, mvrk!
Are you a hardcore Lenny Kravitz fan?
For what it's worth, I've soldered my Turbulent X drivers probably two dozen times with no issues. I think people make soldering drivers sound a lot scarier than it is. Don't doddle, and you'll be fine.
Not yet, but we made huge strides with revision 5 last night so it would be pointless to send it to anyone.
  Just you wait. 
I would look no further than high quality nail polish. If you can find a boutique nearby and tell them exactly what you are doing, they should be able to point you in the right direction.   If that's a little weird for you, I would go to a hobby store and ask them what kind of paints to use. Or a comic store that specializes in table games, like Warhammer.
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