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Man this sounds great! I am super excited for it now! I cannot offer much but i will gladly bring my WA7, LCD-2 setup. As well as my grados! I really am looking forward to hearing some of the higher end set ups for the first time though!
 No no hehe i used the Fiio E7/E9 with my Current AKG Q701's. With the upgrade to the LCD-2's I thought  an upgrade was in order for the AMP as well that is all. I do not think the LCD-2's will leave my house.  But yes the specs should work!
Man hehe I have read threw this whole thread, And it's got me nervous I have my first pair of LCD-2's coming in and the Woo WA7 on the way as well. Coming from a Fiio E7/E9 combo I hope the WA7 is enough to compliment the LCD-2's. All the speak of 4-5,000$ Amps has me nervous.. but in that good I may lose a few pay checks way.
PM sent!
Man those are nice!! Larry do'es fantastic work over there at Headphile!
Almost brings a tear to my eye to see all the Vagrant Story love . Such a good game have been replaying it on my new Vita!
Ok I received a 75$ Best Buy gift card for Xmas and caved and got the Vita... And i have to say i have not put it down since! I got the need for speed most wanted Bundle and its a fantastic racing port to the Vita. Also the PSP and PS1 net work download games rock! I have been playing Parasite Eve 1 and 2 and have almost every other RPG Downloaded! The Nostalgia value of this handheld is threw the roof on this if i do say so myself!    
Hey guys I have been wanting to do a meet since i missed the can Jam. I'm in FL but atlanta is close enough! My WA7 should be here by then as well i would love to come up!
I have thought of getting one to just for the PS Network, All the old school RPG's and such are on it i think it rock to play them portable.
Man i read  this whole thread and no one posted for Vagrant Story    it was my fav PS1 RPG set in the same world as FFXII and the newer Tactics games it was great!  Other mentions have to be Mass effect 1 FFVIII " Zell Dincht hot dog eatter for life!!"   Also Earth Bound!!! one of the most well made RPG's on earth!   Man reading all these makes me want to go back and replay some of them i saw some great blast from the past games posted here!!
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