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Mine will be here Friday i cannot wait!!!
Nah hehe i will be heading up from FL Jacksonville. Should be bringing my LCD-2 and WA7 can bring my Grado HF-2 as well. Also I can give anyone else in the area a lift if need'ed.
I booked a room already Trav, Unless i get some sort of deal going threw you it should be fine!
Man this sounds great! I am super excited for it now! I cannot offer much but i will gladly bring my WA7, LCD-2 setup. As well as my grados! I really am looking forward to hearing some of the higher end set ups for the first time though!
 No no hehe i used the Fiio E7/E9 with my Current AKG Q701's. With the upgrade to the LCD-2's I thought  an upgrade was in order for the AMP as well that is all. I do not think the LCD-2's will leave my house.  But yes the specs should work!
Man hehe I have read threw this whole thread, And it's got me nervous I have my first pair of LCD-2's coming in and the Woo WA7 on the way as well. Coming from a Fiio E7/E9 combo I hope the WA7 is enough to compliment the LCD-2's. All the speak of 4-5,000$ Amps has me nervous.. but in that good I may lose a few pay checks way.
PM sent!
Man those are nice!! Larry do'es fantastic work over there at Headphile!
Almost brings a tear to my eye to see all the Vagrant Story love . Such a good game have been replaying it on my new Vita!
Ok I received a 75$ Best Buy gift card for Xmas and caved and got the Vita... And i have to say i have not put it down since! I got the need for speed most wanted Bundle and its a fantastic racing port to the Vita. Also the PSP and PS1 net work download games rock! I have been playing Parasite Eve 1 and 2 and have almost every other RPG Downloaded! The Nostalgia value of this handheld is threw the roof on this if i do say so myself!    
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