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HAHA Hey Big I have been meaning to add some impressions to this post!   Prior to the WA7 i was using my Grado HF-2 with a FiiO E7/E9 pairing and also was borrowing my friends Schiit Asgard from time to time.. I picked up the LCD-2 only after my order for the WA7 was in " I wanted to be sure i had an amp that could compliment them". The LCD-2 Rev1 with a Norse Audio Norn  series cable  where all bought here threw fellow head-fi,ers I got the LCD-2 about 2 weeks prior to...
That's a good idea Big I was really considering The Pan Am before i jumped on the WA7. I kind of doubt we have a local dealer for one but next time I am out of town in Miami or Orlando I will check! Also the Atlanta meet in May I am hoping to have a lot to compare with there as well!
    Just a couple of pics of my set up as well 
Very nice review mate I have been using mine sense it came in on Friday with both my LCD-2's and Grado HF-2,s, and coming from a FiiO E7/E9 setup I am 100% blown away with the difference I am getting from my headsets. Being that it is my first relatively high end Amp I am very happy with the purchase!
UGG mine is out for delivery at the moment . I feel like a kid on Xmas eve ! Part of me just wants to go out and start flagging down FedEx trucks in the streets!
Yeah I put my order in the day it came up ( New Years Day i think ) and at that time the estimated date was end of Feb 
Wow Trav I had no idea you where going so all out for this meet! Haha I would take a shirt, May as well make it one to remember right?
Very nice man I cannot wait to hear mine!
Mine will be here Friday i cannot wait!!!
Nah hehe i will be heading up from FL Jacksonville. Should be bringing my LCD-2 and WA7 can bring my Grado HF-2 as well. Also I can give anyone else in the area a lift if need'ed.
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