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Also mind that the 71.6 was the highest reading i got a more likely and stable read out that puts it around 60-62c
I have been using the WA7 for about 2 hours this morning , I am in Florida so its pretty cool right now around about 19-20c in my room. The Temps i am getting from my Ryobi TEK4 i used to use for reptile cage installs so it's fairly accurate, are as follows   The PSU for the WA7 is at 30.5c warm to the touch but not to hot! The Top of the unit with the glass removed is 32.7c The metal on the top of the tubes is get,ing up to around 71.6 to hot to touch   No...
HAHA Hey Big I have been meaning to add some impressions to this post!   Prior to the WA7 i was using my Grado HF-2 with a FiiO E7/E9 pairing and also was borrowing my friends Schiit Asgard from time to time.. I picked up the LCD-2 only after my order for the WA7 was in " I wanted to be sure i had an amp that could compliment them". The LCD-2 Rev1 with a Norse Audio Norn  series cable  where all bought here threw fellow head-fi,ers I got the LCD-2 about 2 weeks prior to...
That's a good idea Big I was really considering The Pan Am before i jumped on the WA7. I kind of doubt we have a local dealer for one but next time I am out of town in Miami or Orlando I will check! Also the Atlanta meet in May I am hoping to have a lot to compare with there as well!
    Just a couple of pics of my set up as well 
Very nice review mate I have been using mine sense it came in on Friday with both my LCD-2's and Grado HF-2,s, and coming from a FiiO E7/E9 setup I am 100% blown away with the difference I am getting from my headsets. Being that it is my first relatively high end Amp I am very happy with the purchase!
UGG mine is out for delivery at the moment . I feel like a kid on Xmas eve ! Part of me just wants to go out and start flagging down FedEx trucks in the streets!
Yeah I put my order in the day it came up ( New Years Day i think ) and at that time the estimated date was end of Feb 
Wow Trav I had no idea you where going so all out for this meet! Haha I would take a shirt, May as well make it one to remember right?
Very nice man I cannot wait to hear mine!
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