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I have to agree i hated Chrono Cross as well, Also Grandia II on the dreamcast was like so ahead of its time for console's.
Yeah I am very excited about this event and barring any upcoming surgery "i have a lot of them these days" i will be there and will bring my WOO WA7 and my LCD-2, Grado HF-2 about 600 gigs of FLAC files and my mac book air.
A big shout out to everyone here on the head-fi community! I have been here for almost a year now,And this site and forum has literally saved my life! In 2011, 2 years ago as of this post on this day, I was in a car wreck which left me in the hospital and in a coma for 2 and a half months. While i am still recovering "getting closer every day" I have had more free than at any other point in my life. And while the Doctors told me it would not be easy i had and...
Oh man how have i been missing this thread all this time! I have been really into tea forever but sense my car wreck these past 2 years i have been doing  lose leaf every night   I have been buying a lot from here, He makes each blend fresh to order each time i do recommend his Gaian Blend    Also some very nice post already in this thread i can see myself ordering some Tea very soon to go with my new WA7 hehe!
Glad your amp is doing good Always i knew it could not of been a huge deal!
 Hey no problem Always sorry your unit is overheating. But no worries you will have it replaced/fixed in no time and be enjoying it again!
After 8 hours the temps on mine are about the same as they where at 5 "a few degree's less even"   And Always i would contact a2a in case they have some sort of dealer warranty threw WOO i am not sure how it works, but i do know they will either handle it or tell you to contact WOO audio yourself, And from my experience and what everyone else says you should have no issues's getting it fixed or replaced WOO audio has stand up support.
I will post the numbers i get after 8 hours of use Which mind you is the recommendation in the owners manual PDF as the max use time before turning it off.
That's correct, Always all the temps are in Celsius 
After about 5 hours the Temp has gone up quite a bit    The PSU is reading 34.4 The top case without glass is 35.5c And the metal on the top of the tubes is at a whooping 114.4c   So the tubes have gotten very hot over the past few hours as expected but the case and the PSU seem to hold it very well!
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