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PM sent!
Man, That is a tempting price for the T70P......Ugg good luck with the sale. I am at my quota for headphone money this month, Or i would be all over it.
Yes to all 3 Love your work!
PM Sent!
Kukuk, I Will admit that Cross did have one of the biggest character spectrums of any modern RPG, But Trigger was just so simple  and done so well there pretty much like 2 completely different games.   And Roch and i am not sure man you seem like an old school RPG lover like myself and while i will admit i really love and have played the hell out of the Mass Effect and Star Wars old republic series.... in the way of old school Sqaure RPG's and just...
Yeah i'll give you that as well, But i was a fan of most of the PS1 RPG's it was a good time to be a gamer! Also Skies of Arcadia was sick to and i had forgotten about it until hearing you say it. Do you by chance remember the game Evolution on the cast as well?
AHH yeah!! Man me and my Boys spent so much time on MvC2 that was like the only 2D fighter to even come close to being as good as tekken! Man that takes me back, But yes the dreamcast was so ahead of its time i really wish sega had not of gone under.
I have to agree i hated Chrono Cross as well, Also Grandia II on the dreamcast was like so ahead of its time for console's.
Yeah I am very excited about this event and barring any upcoming surgery "i have a lot of them these days" i will be there and will bring my WOO WA7 and my LCD-2, Grado HF-2 about 600 gigs of FLAC files and my mac book air.
A big shout out to everyone here on the head-fi community! I have been here for almost a year now,And this site and forum has literally saved my life! In 2011, 2 years ago as of this post on this day, I was in a car wreck which left me in the hospital and in a coma for 2 and a half months. While i am still recovering "getting closer every day" I have had more free than at any other point in my life. And while the Doctors told me it would not be easy i had and...
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