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My D2 DAP is not gapless. Its the player which adds gaps, so downloaded music are seperate files. I do rip w/EAC perfectly.
Personally I turned all my FLAC-albums into single file V0-mp3s...mainly so they're gapless.
You can see in my sig where they'd be going[replacing HD650s which are amped]. I fancy 'em cos they're closed and does low impedance mean they're easily-driven?
^Unless it is made out of platinum/embedded with gemstones and works on the sun is a watch worth $100K?
I use WASAPI entirely for its exclusivity to music playback.
Something over £1K is hefty, why everything is +99p. It'll drop by a lot sooner or later...
Quote: Originally Posted by anadin Getting Sennheiser headphones here has never been any problem. Them being German I'd hope. They're not on Amazon UK yet...even for a ludicrous price.
^You do realise you might just prefer DS versus WASAPI on Windows 7. Just like turning on a DSP might improve it to your ears, but it is not bit-perfect.
Love how my watch is always dead-accurate[Casio Edifice]. it is radio-controlled.
Quote: Originally Posted by Persian.prince I understand what you mean about the diamonds though, I think the 18K Constellation was my first hi end watch, Diamonds & 18K Gold is 'hi end'? Are you crazy!
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