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It's a great amp. Bright, clean, fast, audiophile-quality and robustly built. I use it for location sound and as a hifi headphone amp when I need to. Can't go wrong with Sound Devices gear.   10+ hours battery life on 2 AA's too!
I have the Avid HD Native thunderbolt interface (for Pro Tools) that has a built-in headphone amp. When driving my AKG K702's, this amp/dac gives me smooth, pristine and very clean sound. It's about as good as I've found for critical listening on headphones. It's very powerful, going beyond 12 o' clock is ear damage zone for me. 
relisted at reduced price
now on ebay
A nice upgrade cable for Sennheiser HD580/600/650 terminated in 1/4" made from Mogami 2893 cable. Asking $60 shipped from California.
Indeed, they have been sold. Thanks bookaboo!
AKG K271 Mk II headphones, great condition, works perfectly. Includes plush and pleather ear pads.   Ships from California.
In great condition, works perfectly. Includes carrying case.   Ships from Los Angeles, CA.
Just bought this off e-bay. Here is the listing: Works great, just don't have a use for it. Ships from Los Angeles. 
  Actually the source is the TV, connected to a PS3 and cable box. The optical out of the TV will connect to the DAC, which will connect to the Sony receiver via RCA cables, model STR-DH100. I bought a used Denon receiver with a built in DAC and optical inputs which works great, but unfortunately does not fit the small space I have. The Sony receiver is less deep.   The SMSL SD-1955 looks like it would fit the bill. Thanks!
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