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Looking to get an Audioquest dragonfly USB DAC.   Do not have a preference on whether 1.0 or 1.2, as long as they are in reasonable price :)   pm me!   Thanks~
And yet I have not heard from Craig for over a month after I send in a pair of headphone for mod.   Come on Craig please reply the emails...
Craig...   Is there any update on my AKG K701...?
Hi all.   Up for sell a 1M Wireworld Starlight USB to Mini-B USB cable.   This cable was purchased 2.5 years ago, having 70 hours of burn in and around 30 hours of moderate usage.   No box nor original receipt unfortunately, but this cable is 100% genuine.     This cable can be purchased as part of combo with my iBasso DB2 which I pair up with this cable to connect to my PC.     Price is for cable only. For buyers within UK, buyers have to cover 3% Paypal fee...
Hi all.   Here I have for sale is a iBasso DB2 Portable USB DAC.   It was purchased around 2.5 years ago, and has about 70 hours and 30 hours of moderate usage.   Originally it is used as a dedicated DAC for my PC audio as my room space could not fit in a big and massive one (Yer small room....)     This has been paired with Wireworld Starlight USB to Mini-B cable all the way and this combo effectively block all the jitter that I can hear from my PC USB port (A/B...
PM sent
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