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I saw it lol Replied :)
As titled :)   Would love to buy a pair of HD800 in the UK :)   Just missed a deal so I'm looking for a pair :)   Pm me if you're interested!       For trade: I have a pair of K712 Pro up for trade (of course I will add cash to the deal) if you are interested in down grade a bit to free some cash.
Pm'd for HD800 :)
Hi all,   I've read through a lot of reviews from the forum for some budget DAC or DAC/AMP like Audinst, Aune, iBasso, O2, Matrix etc.   But I find it very hard to draw a conclusion especially due to the fact that I am only a student studying abroad without the money to buy everything and sell the ones I do not like afterwards...   So I really need some light on this :)       Currently, I own an Audinst HUD MX-2 and a Matrix M-Stage HPA-1 amp pairing with K712...
Interesting Another other suggestions from the forum?
So is the Audinst solid state?Also, are there any recommendation at a similar price point?
Pm'd :)
In terms of the DAC capability, how do the T1 MK2 compare with the Audinst HUD MX2?   I am going to pair either of them with the Matrix M-Stage AMP, driving a AKG K712 Pro.     I'm looking for neutrality and details for the DAC as I think the warmth in my K712 is already enough :)   Thanks in advance!!
Mainly looking for Zu Audio Mobius MK II or Cardas Cable for AKG   Please pm with offer :)
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