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Hi there.   I have got a pair of Beats Studio on sale.   Basically it is an unwanted gift, white colour and in mint condition.   Comes with original packages, hand-free cables, 3.5 cable, and air-plane 2-pin adapter.   As I am a bit short of cash so selling this at a pretty low prize.   70GBP excluding shipping and Paypal fee (Buyers' responsibility) (Shopping depends on what types of service you require.)   Ship within UK only.   Paypal...
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Only selling as a combo and will preferably ship to the UK (shipping cost not included).   iPod Classic 6th Generation 180GB Edition - Black CLAS Solo - Black Labkable DB series iPod USB jumper - 7N Helical DBAg for data connection and 7N DBCu for power connection Custom 3.5 interconnect made from Silver connector from Star Germany and Mundorff Silver/Gold wire.   All run-in for over 300 hours.   All are in mint condition.   Preferably to the UK,...
Hi everyone.   I have got a pair of beyerdynamics T1 up for sale, in mint condition, placed in its Aluminium box ready to ship :)   However, its output jack has been modded to RSA 4-pin balanced jack (just for fun :D).   Serial number: 14XX   As a result, I am asking for a relatively low price, 540GBP (EXCLUDE shipping though).   Preferably to the UK but can ship to the USA (shipping rate are buyer's responsibility)
Although it looks so cool... costs a lot to buy LOL
It all depends on you trying them on.. everyone's ear is of different sizes..
I've been trying this out but apparently the sound is too "electronic" to me...
Maybe Shure SE 215.. I'm in the UK so hi mate!
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