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Personally, I will always go for W4R.   It's well established that the W4R series are made from much better materials and have a much better connector (CIEM 2-pin) that will offer much lower impedance than the Shure connector.
Both the 4R & TWag V3 cable were purchased 2 years ago.   Used for around 50 hours.   All retail packages and accessories are included.   Whiplash TWag V3 is the OM version, 48", re-terminated with Cryo-treated & Silver-plated 3.5mm stereo plug.   Personally think the TWag V3 is the best upgrade cable available to the well regarded W4R.       Open to offers, price include shipping within UK.   Prefer Paypal Gift, please add 3% Paypal fee...
Up for sale is a set of E7 & L7 DAC/Amp.   In mint condition, stock screen protector has just been removed and so you can see there is no scratches on the screen.   Include the following in the bundle: ​Fiio E7 Stock Carrying case Stock Silicone protector USB cable Eiio L7 LOD   PPG preferred or seller please add 3% P&P fee compensation please.
Not sure how you buy the cable on July 2015... but I guess you mean July 2014 right 
Hi all,   Up for sale is a Wireworld Starlight USB A to USB B cable in 2 meters.   Mint condition.   Asking for £50 include shipping in the U.K.   Worldwide shipping is possible, and buyer has to pay for shipping.   Please add 3% paypal fee if buyer decide not to pay via gift option.
Hi all,   Recently bought a pair of pre-owned HD800 and am really enjoying it!!   So I'm investing to improve the condition of the headphone :)   I'm looking to get a spare set of earpads and headband for sensible prices.   If you happen to have a spare housing (which is very unlikely) I will also take it :)       Also, if you are looking to sell your upgrade cable for the HD800, I am looking for a pair of silver cable, so shoot me an offer :)     Thanks for...
No one...?
I saw it lol Replied :)
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