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Hi everyone,   up for sell is my beloved HD800 Silver Poison from Toxic Cables.   Like New 6 ft Terminated with TC custom Cable Fibre 6.3mm jack   Exceptional cable for the HD800.   Pictures will be provided on request.   *Listing price includes shipping in the UK but exclude Paypal fee.   **Item currently located in the UK, and can be shipped worldwide given buyer bare all shipping cost.
Hi everyone, clearing out my desktop station to free up some cash, hope they can find a new home!!   1. IsoTek® Furutech Supreme Mains Cable 1.5M (Used Condition) - $OLD   2. Yulong P18 Power Conditioner (Very mint condition) - £130 OBO   3. Cardas Clear USB A To B 1.5m w/ USB noise isolater (Very mint condition) - $OLD   4. Zu Audio BoK Premium Hi-Fi Power Cable (1.5M) (Very mint condition) - $OLD   All listing price includes shipping within the UK...
Hi everyone,   up for sell is my beloved Matrix M-Stage AMP in Matte Black.   Modded with Burr Brown OPA627AP with Class A Biasing Mod, and also replaced the volume knob w/ a large matte black aluminium knob.   Photos can be provided on request.   In very mint condition.   Asking for £60, including delivery within the UK.   Does not include 3% paypal fee.   Thanks for looking!!
Hi all, up for sell is my Aune T1 Mk 2 USB DAC.   It comes with 6922 & Gold lion tube, and an Amperex 7308 Gold pin, Platinum grade Cryo-treated from Upscale Audio.   Everything is at mint condition and I am the first owner.   Buyer pays postage & paypal fee.   Thanks for looking!!
Up for sell is my beloved HD800.   In original retail box Lightly used condition Installed NEW ear pads and headband cushion (RRP: £100!!)   Price does not include shipping or paypal fee.
Hi all, up for sell is a Sieveking Sound Headphone Stand.   Used for around 1 month and been kept in original storage bag in a dry bag ever since.   As shown in the picture, one of the feet corners is slightly chipped.   Wood filler have been used to repair the corner and give it a better finish.   But since it is still an imperfection, the price is reduced to reflect that.   Price include shipping within UK, please add 3% paypal fee if decide to pay via...
Hi all,   Looking for buy a set of Master & Dynamics MH40 headphone.   Preferably all Black or the any of the special editions :)   Will pay nice if the condition is mint & decent :)   Thanks a lot!!!
**Update: 24/07/15 - Further Price Drop!!** **Update: 20/07/15 - Price now include shipping to the UK!!**   Hi everyone,   Up for sale is my balanced AKG K701 (Made in Austria version), hardwire split modded with TWag v3 wire, and terminated with Furutech FP-704 plug.   It is professionally modded by Whiplash (Mod receipt can be provided on request).   Comes w/ hippocase carrying case.   Asking for half of what I paid for it, £160 £150 incl. shipping in...
Hi all,   Up for sell is my Wireworld Ultraviolet 7 (latest generation) A-B 1m USB cable.   Have been using it to connect Audinst HUD MX-2 to PC, for around 6 months.   Selling this due to upgrade and require a much longer length.   No retail box, will be packaged securely for shipping.   Mint condition, sound quality tested before listing.       Pricing includes shipping cost within the UK.   Can ship internationally provided that buyer cover shipping...
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