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ok I checked it and the sinks are too small too. I'll solve this when I find some time next year. good luck with your build :).
the same thing happened to me this summer. My kit was also the same age as hollands. I didn't check the heatsinks yet, but there's some wrong and missing resistors.
Yes, I didn't want to discard that. Just wanted to prevent someone from using a really bad wire for ground and 99999 silver for signal :).  
don't know about the balancing of sound. but for the electrons both wires matter equally. transducers are current driven. and current always has to travel through both wires. With audio signals it's also safe to assume, that half the current goes through the ground wire first.
maybe you could post a link to your bom, for comparison. And I'd also like to know if it's possible to lower gain below 4.1 without problems.
jkeny I was following your thread at diyaudio and your quest to isolate usb. you could try to get a pci-usb controller card and mod it with its own psu, to shut out power from the pc. could even shield the thing. Just something to think about.. you sound like you could make something like that happen.
put your hand on the tool... the WRENCH wonder if anyone knows where that was from. Good luck.
Quote: Originally Posted by Horio Thanks Lifthanger. So the revised calc: Vdrop => (17.8V-0.6V)-12.6V = 4.6V P to dissipate => 4.6V x 2A = 9.2W Looks like that puts me over, so I'd need another heatsink option or perhaps two supplies. no problem, I'll run into the same problems as soon as I start working on my 4 EHHA boards
it's 12.6V x squareroot of 2 ( 1.414) = 17.82V
Marcus_C, I'm certainly no authority on this matter. And my onboard coax out could be the reason of the difference. But the gamma2 with asrc sounded much better than my opus+ballsie combo. In fact listening to the gamma2 (+mini3+hd595) was the first time I was really happy with my setup. There might be other reasons for this, but the main difference was the asrc. I'd be happy if someone else has any insights on this.
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