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The kind of faults he found is really worth knowing.  
Bouquet by Caravan of Thieves  
Niña de Fuego by Buika  
Unless one of the reasons for the new design is to eliminate/reduce the risk of driver failures in the previous design.  
Good Dog Bad Dog is a really great album, but there is something strange in the recording of the first song "Later Day": for the first minute or so Bergquist's voice shifts ever slightly back and forth between the left and right channel -- perhaps unnoticeable when played through speaker rig but creating kind of annoying, somewhat dizzying, effect when listened with headphones.    
Which DAC chip does Matrix Quatro DAC use?
Current/recent rotation:   - Jazz Vocal: Patricia Barber, Dave's True Stories, Cassandra Wilson - Psychedelic Rock: It's A Beautiful Day, Grace Slick & the Great Society - Classic Rock: Eric Clapton (esp. Unplugged), Allman Brothers Band, Blind Faith, Neil Young (esp. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere) - Country/Folk: Cowboy Junkies (Trinity Session, Trinity Session Revisited), Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch - Acoustic Blues: Kelly Joe Phelps -...
Speaking of the 323: anyone knows what is the difference between the 323S and the previous version 323II?
I don't know about the 323S, but for the 006tS amp, there is a note  on the use of Parallel Out saying: "When the preamplifier/integrated amplifier connected to Parallel Out is powered off, sound might be distorted due to lowered impedance. In this case either power on the preamplifier/integrated amplifier or disconnect the cable. If another driver unit is connected to the Parallel Out, turn down is volume to minimum to avoid lowering the impedance". Does this mean...
  FWIW I recently acquired a 507 & 006tS rig and I absolutely love it. Its sound quality and imaging rival those of my speaker rig.  
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