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Did you know that K701s come in teal?
Coming from an HD555, that's why I'm going for the Hifiman...
My nigga, lol.
****, you're missing out:(Watch in HD for better sound.)
Yeah, you ****ed up, lol.
I usually post this video to demonstrate. The song has very pristine treble and mids, especially the musical ramp at the end, check it out:
I had to scrape and save up for several years to finally purchase those sons of guns. My arm....my leg...
I could go with the Silverstone SG10 and mATX, which would give me enough PCI slots, however, I want to look at all possible options--mITX or mATX.
Wait a minute...what? You found a certain pair of headphones a certain way, so, you ruled out ANOTHER pair of headphones?
I've had these headphones for about 3 years now. They sound much better than your average run-of-the-mill headphones (obviously). Richer bass, mids, and highs. I recommend downloading the latest drivers from HT Omega's website, then double-click on HT Omega driver icon in your taskbar tray, and use the ROCK setting under voices/presets. Said voice/preset sounds the best for all genres of music, in my experience! REALLLLLLY livens up the HD555!
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