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How do these headphones perform for gaming when considering the bass factor? I don't want bass boom that may draw too much attention to itself (which I know is not the case of the K550), but I do want enough bass.    Thanks.
How would these headphones hold up when gaming? I'm considering both the K550 and the A900X.
Hows that comparison coming along, Kutan?
When it comes to gaming, which would be the preferred set? I have been getting into movies and gaming lately and am concerned it may be as big a factor as music. I am looking for a closed set, though. I know they are not in the same price range, but how would these cans compare to the W1000X and D7000? I can get a steal of a deal on these two cans.
  No. Another factor being they are closed headphones. I am new to the audio world and very new to using forums. If I am irritating you with my questions, I am sorry. I will ask less.
  Are the A900X and K550 being compared because you don't think there is a better competition in this price range? I know little of other options.
Sorry guys. It's just the way I am. I'm always trying to learn. Ears do adjust. Opinions do change. I just want to educate myself, gain some experience, and more fully develop my opinion. If I can understand why people feel the way they do about headphones, then give that approach a shot, I may change how I feel and be more happy for it. This is where I'm coming from. I'm new to headphones. I have some experience with hifi speakers, but not too much.   One other...
I'm stumped. I a/bed them today, again, and felt constantly underwhelmed by the K550. It was significant enough for me to feel very strongly that I either have a very different ear than most or I am listening to a defective set. I will probably buy them both, try them out, and return that which I enjoy the least. I wish I could make that happen soon and fill everyone in on my experience, but it'll take some time.
  Well thats enjoyable, I'm sure! Did you chose these over the K550 because of price or performance?
  Thanks for the comparison! 
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