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I have read many times that the K550s sound very similar to the Q701. If this is true, then they are a likely candidate. I am considering an open set, as well, despite my living conditions. How do the HD650s hold up when gaming? I need a set that can handle games, movies, and music.
  I actually did work in Magnolia because I was one of the product knowledgeable associates, but I transferred out because I can't stand sales. We also didn't carry any reasonable headphones until recently. I don't want to upset people by announcing prices, but we are talking about some significant discounts. I've read some very good and bad things about both the A900X and the K550. I can also get ahold of a unique assortment of headphones like the Audio Techinica W1000X,...
  How about the Audio Technica A900X? I can get discounts on headphones sold at Best Buy and Magnolia (the stand alone stores with higher end equipment).
  I do not yet have any headphones. I own speakers and am looking to get into headphones now. I have access to incredible discounts on many popular headphones due to my job. I am planing on building a computer in the Fall/Winter. I have not experienced Dolby Headphone. Although StarCraft and Diablo are competitive, they does not require directional queues. The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series thrill me and I want to get the best balance of soundstage (directional queues)...
  I do not play any competitive first person shooters. I play games like Skyrim, Fallout 3, StarCraft, Diablo... I want to be more fully immersed. Is that the "fun" factor? The D7000 sounds impressive. Isn't a headphone that gives good directional feel also an immersive set? It would allow you to be more fully immersed. Am I wrong?  
Has anyone had a chance to use the K550s for gaming and movies? I am interested in using a new set for 40% gaming, 20% movies, and 40% music. Everything is subject to change, so would these be a set to consider for an all-purpose headphone?
In case my question got trampled by that conversation I'll ask again, does anyone know how the AKG K550s perform for gaming?
Well, this process is going to take a while, but these replies are educational. Thanks for that. By the way, what is thought of the K550s for gaming?
I don't want to limit myself to the best headphone for the AVR. I will be using the computer in two locations, and I may find that I prefer the A5+ and headphone solution more accommodating to my needs.    Also, if I ran optical from the Xonar to the Denon, wouldn't relying the DAC in the Denon keep me from achieving Dolby Virtual Surround 5.1?   Anyways, I am so far out of the loop. What is the difference between Dolby Headphone and Dolby Virtual Surround and all the...
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