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After more research, I am considering the DT990 premium (if I am to purchase open cans). Do you still feel as though they are an excellent pair of immersive gaming cans that aren't too shabby competitively?   
They seem to be comfort animals. Game immersion is more important to me than meeting competitive needs.  Thanks. Couldn't I assume that this would make them poor gaming headphones as well (from an immersive standpoint)? They seem like they have more of an analytical sound. I need an all-purpose set.
My best bet will be to build a computer with a nice soundcard, then buy some headphones that can be returned and try them out. I just need to find out what my candidates are. 
So how do the K550s hold up with gaming and movies?
How is the HD650 as an open set for immersive gaming, movies, and music?
  I'm keeping it in mind. Are there any lower priced options that may come close to the D7000 in terms of what I'm looking for? and how is the D7000 with movies?
  The reason I am interested in the D7000 is that it is said to have great bass depth and quantity that does not harm the other frequencies. I need to try to meet one need at a time. If I am looking for a gaming set, my priority is full immersion and my example game is Skyrim. I want to find the best headphone to take me there and experience the extraordinary environment and its inhabitants. I feel like directional queues are just as vital in this experience as in...
  I'm not sure if I understand what "competitive" and "fun" mean. When speaking of competitive gaming I understand it is important to have directional queues, but wouldn't this be just as important for the "fun" aspect. I would want to have the best sense of position within a world to make the world more real.    Also, if I purchase the D7000, I cannot return them. I am curious to how comfortable they are and how well they seal, as I hear they don't seal fully. I think I...
I have read many times that the K550s sound very similar to the Q701. If this is true, then they are a likely candidate. I am considering an open set, as well, despite my living conditions. How do the HD650s hold up when gaming? I need a set that can handle games, movies, and music.
  I actually did work in Magnolia because I was one of the product knowledgeable associates, but I transferred out because I can't stand sales. We also didn't carry any reasonable headphones until recently. I don't want to upset people by announcing prices, but we are talking about some significant discounts. I've read some very good and bad things about both the A900X and the K550. I can also get ahold of a unique assortment of headphones like the Audio Techinica W1000X,...
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