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Well, I am not playing a single competitive game that needs surround sound queues. Would you say that the hit to sound quality is evident to the point that you will always notice it, or it is there when you look for it? I am only looking for immersion. My desire to have directional queues is not for more successful game play but for feeling the environment for sake of immersion. What headphone/headset might you suggest to demo this technology? Can this "Creative -...
Do games have to have DirectSound 3D and OpenAL to benefit from the CMSS-3D technology, or when they do have these are they especially synergetic? I don't really understand what software-driven audio concludes. Does the sound card play a role, or would any standard headphone outlet have the surround sound headphone experience because of the software-driven audio?   I don't think I like the fact that using CMSS-3D lowers the audio quality. 
I appreciate you sharing your wealth of knowledge on the subject matter. I value your opinion. I've got a few questions that I've developed based on my needs and from reading the forums. I will be building a gaming computer in the late Fall/Winter and am very dedicated to building it right.    My favorite games are from The Elder Scroll's series and the Fallout series, which I believe I've read (from you) that they use something called DirectSound3D which offers great...
well i think you're just swell
What is the best binaural audio technology? If this is subjective, what is commonly considered the best?    I see a lot of recommendations for the Titanium HD soundcard, but this does not have Dolby Headphone (or does it?) which is raved about, yet the card is raved about? What is with the HT Omega soundcards? It seems they boast DH and a nice amplifier. Are they not ideal for gaming, or  are they very new? I don't understand how to choose.
Which part? I just type what I'm thinking.
I had the thread open in multiple tabs and had some out of order replies. I get what you are saying about the Sennheisers. 
I'm not saying it is. I am just saying from what he wrote, that recommendation may make sense to me.
My reason for delay is that I will be building a gaming computer in the Fall/Winter. I will very likely grab a soundcard that has DH. I have heard from almost everyone to stay away from gaming headsets so I am curious as to what your thoughts are about them? I have experience with speakers, so I am not new to the audio world. I just never got into headphones until recently. I would like to get some cans that are great for movies and music as well as gaming. The HD558 gets...
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