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Dang... your getting rid of your highest recommended fun and all-around headphone that you've raved about. How does the pleather/leather ruin this pair for you?
If you happen to play any video games, let me know how these perform.
  I didn't expect it to be a good example. Too many variables. The content on youtube is lacking. The directional queues will be difficult without a surround sound headphone technology. I appreciate it, though It only goes up to 720p. I've really no clue if the experience be grasped through youtube at all. I would also be using surround sound headphone technologies, so I wouldn't expect you to hear the directional queues very strong at all.
How are these with gaming. Here is what I am looking for:  
  Who says Martin Logan is trash? Is it just that they use hybrid speakers. There is an electrostat transducer and a woofer. They are nice speakers. I really am considering them. The battle in my mind (although completely different sounds) is the Sonus Faber Toy Tower vs Martin Logan ElectroMotion. I work at Best Buy and get extraordinary discounts on products such as these.   I can't even begin to justify that price. It looks quite dreamy, though.
An ESL fan? I have also considered the Martin Logan ElectroMotion. It seems a bit too bright to me though.   Would pairing a bassy headphone with a X-Fi card without changing EQ make a good match?
It has been suggested to me that the CMSS-3D has the best positioning capabilities but with a greater hit in sound quality compared to Dolby Headphone. Is this the case? If so, I would like to consider the technology that gives the best of both worlds. I am very analytical about my audio. I am selling B&W 685s (not quite to my liking) and will possibly be purchasing Sonus Faber Toy Towers down the road (if you know of either of these).
I don't quite understand software-driven audio. Can Skyrim give the surround sound headphone affect without a dedicated soundcard or additional software and drivers?
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