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@genclaymore   How do you like the A900X? I just purchased them because I got a fantastic price. I also have the AudioQuest DragonFly DAC/amp on the way because of another phenomenal deal. Have you compared the A900X to anything? How do they hold up for movies, gaming, and music in your opinion?    Thanks!
I know this may not be the thread, but because so many people are using the HD650 here I've got to ask. How do the HD650 perform when gaming? I'll be using the DF + some headphone for music, movies, and games (non competitive) with equal priority.
The DF really backs enough juice to power the HD650s? I'm surprised.
I just ordered the Dragonfly because I got a KILLER deal, but I don't even have any headphones at the moment. Any recommendations for some cans that have great synergy with the DF?
I don't know much about headphone amplifiers. What should I be concerned about with the DF? Is it impedance that I should be matching? If so, how high of an impedance can this power before needing a more powerful amp? I am considering the DF and Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium 32 ohm headphones.
You say the bass is tighter... Does it dig any deeper and come with obvious greater presence, or is there just minute improvement?
I feel the same about the K550. For the longest time I was almost convinced I'd be purchasing them, but I don't want to take the risk. I've read many times that it is similar to the Q701 but has fuller bass. Even though audio can be quite subjective, I was surprised to hear that these closed phones sound better than the Q701 from multiple sources. 
  Wear them in and test out the gaming experience for me. What games do you play?
Dang... your getting rid of your highest recommended fun and all-around headphone that you've raved about. How does the pleather/leather ruin this pair for you?
If you happen to play any video games, let me know how these perform.
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